Oh, no, you’re too kind.

A big “thank you” to Megan at beachbungalow8 for taking time away from the sun and sand to offer her kind words today. If you are here, you’ve likely been there, but if not stop by. You’ll like her immediately; I know I did.

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7 thoughts on “Oh, no, you’re too kind.

  1. Well I’m glad I finally found you! And thankyou for the comments on my blog AND the link! Every time I clicked on your name from a comment it didn’t go anywhere.

    Good luck with your blog! It’s a fun one!:)

  2. Katie – it took me a while to get up my nerve – thank you for visiting – you are on my regular list. I am anxiously awaiting images of the new kitchen!

  3. yay! i’m so happy you gathered up the courage. it’s good to have you as part of the line up. we needed a good, strong midwestern voice.

    also, i think it’s nice for the rest of the world to see what kansas city really is about.

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