6 thoughts on “Basalt of the Earth

  1. I love the matte finish of basaltware. Classic and graphic too! (Recovery takes longer and longer the older we get 😉

  2. Jennifer – I knew you would be a fan of the basaltware – and am so thankful you are an understanding fan of mine as well.

  3. Mrs. B,
    Enamored with basalt…..Considering it for my countertop material in our remod/reno. Am SO Tired&Bored&ICouldGoON&On of g-r-a-n-i-t-e
    (Pains me to even say that word!!!)

    Anyway, these basalt goodies have an innate aura about them – not trying to be something they’re not, and age seamlessly with a lovely patina (now THAT’S a mantra, eh?!) Cheers, Alison

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