Bringing a Little Kansas Chic to the Big Apple

In a previous post, I sang the praises of Chuck Comeau and his team at Dessin Fournir. Dedicated to quality furniture, lighting and fabrics, Chuck has built a bit of a design empire on the Kansas plains.

But everyone needs a little town with their country. Dessin Fournir has opened a stunning showroom that encompasses the entire second floor of the Fine Arts Building at 232 East 59th Street in New York.

It’s a fitting spot. The Fine Arts Building is the former stables for Bloomingdales. Seems not only can you not take the stable out of the boy, you can’t even really get the boy out of the stable. If you are in “the” city stop by; if not, you can still visit on-line at
The showroom is open 9 – 5, Monday through Friday. While it’s open to the public, you are required to work through a designer for purchase. The showroom features Dessin Fournir’s lines: Dessin Fournir, Classic Cloth, Gérard,Kerry Joyce,Palmer Hargrave,Rose Cumming,and they are representing Watts of Westminster, a historic English fabric and wallpaper company.

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10 thoughts on “Bringing a Little Kansas Chic to the Big Apple

  1. They really are a fabulous company with fabulous lines. Will need to check out the new showroom next time I’m in NY.

  2. I love their designs. Isn’t that chandelier in the first picture a work of art?

    If I could have my dream dining room, it would have Dessin Fournir’s round dining table and Kerry Joyce for Dessin Fournir Gibbons dining chairs.

  3. I love the chairs in the top photo. BTW, putting the book in the mail today. i’ve been swamped at work writing a proposal.

  4. Things that Inspire – I just e:mailed my contact there and let her know when I make my first million my first p.o. goes to them for the dining table. My dining room NEEDS that round table. It tells me so almost every day.

  5. Fairfax – did you know I worked in development for a while? I’ve had the proposal writing days/weeks. Please don’t fret – it will be such a nice surprise when it arrives! Thanks, again. Patricia

  6. Love this company!!! For those wanting to visit in SF their pieces are located at Kneedler Fauchere in SF Design Center. Great post!


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