Crossroads Art and Antiques

Was I just telling you that great spots were popping up all over the Crossroads District? Was I just telling you it was a mid western hot bed of design? Well, I think I was. And, I hate to gloat, but I found another one yesterday.

Rich Hardy, who is originally a Kansas City boy, moved back here from California and moved his jumping little antique shop with him.

Only it isn’t little.

Open just a month, Crossroads Art and Antiques is four thousand square feet chocked full of furniture, art and lots and lots of lighting.

The exclusive showroom for 20th Century Lighting, Hardy is carrying hundreds of fixtures, modern, vintage and antique.

The entire inventory is on line, so even if you are not “in town” you can take advantage of our mid western hospitality.

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10 thoughts on “Crossroads Art and Antiques

  1. I’m SOOO jealous! The only antique stores here sell chinese antiques, and while I love and appreciate them, I don’t want to turn my house into a shrine to them. I wish there were a few places with American and European pieces!

  2. This week Emeril did an episode on Kansas City BBQ and my husband, daughter and I were drooling, now with all these design resources, I think it may be time for a Lynn family trip from Long Island, NY to beautiful KC! Mrs B, love reading your blog, thanks! ps any tips for a great hotel to saty at?

  3. Suzy and House – a great new resource indeed. I’m having to be careful in my research that I don’t work myself into the poor house.

    Linda – I would have loved to know Emeril’s favorites. Kansas City is known for it’s bbq – and locals are loyal to their favorites. The Raphael on the Plaza is a lovely old hotel, which has be renovated. There are several newer hotels on the Country Club Plaza – which is outdoor shopping – designed in the 30’s/40’s (I think.) There are a couple of newly renovated hotels downtown as well – The Hotel Phillips and The President are two. E mail me when you get serious and I can help you out with restaurants, too. Funny, you coming here for bbq, when I was just thinking of those yummy lobster rolls in Montauk.

  4. Heather – don’t I know it – I had to snap my pics and dash to carpool, so I didn’t get in any trouble. It was a close call.

  5. Thanks for the hotel tips, as we get closer to planning, I’ll definately e-mail you.
    So funny about the lobster rolls, we love “LUNCH” on Montauk highway on the way to Montauk (we have a family house in East Hampton). We love great regional foods!!!

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