Natural Blond

Welcome to Sharyn Blond. A jewel of a shop in Fairway, Kansas, Sharon offers the very best in tabletop and gifts. I love nearly everything she carries, (after fifteen years can you “re-register” for china? Seems one never has enough.) but the real treasure here is her linens.

Hand embroidered in Madeira, the pieces are works of art. After recognizing that the styles and colors of truly fine linens had remained static for years, Sharyn began designing new patterns with motifs and colors for the modern gal with exceptional taste.

In addition to table linens, there are wonderful bed linens, fingertip and guest towel and cocktail napkins for the discerning buyer.

Sharyn Blond Linens are now available for purchase on-line. If you are in-town, however, do drop by. She has great gifts for everyone from your favorite girlfriend,

or her new baby,

to your hard-to-please mother-in-law. I said “yours” not mine. Mine is delightful.

I think so many of the designs are charming. I must confess, two of my best girlfriends gave me the “monkeys” for my birthday last year. Next on my list?

Oh, I have to get to work on that powder room.

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9 thoughts on “Natural Blond

  1. I am DYING for some Sharyn Blond linen!!!! Have been for a few years now. The other treasures in the store look great too 🙂

  2. Jennifer – as you said to me about that Herman Miller clock months ago, “If you’ve wanted it for years, you should get it!.”

  3. So charming. I need to surf over there. Would absolutely love to see how you might use the last sample in your powder room 🙂

  4. Courtney – so many pennies to be earned and saved before that project can start! I’m working on it – you will be the first to know when destruction begins.

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