The Perfect Gift for the Perfect Host

Hmmm…brown envelope. Something unfortunate for Mr. Blandings?

Heavens, no. That would be unseemly.

It’s a little, no, quite big actually, package from pve design.

Perfection. A lovely host gift for our big city friend. I had no idea how much he loved the one with the mice – his screen saver for weeks, as I understand. These little jewels are especially for him.

I can’t wait to wrap them up and send them off. Our visits there are always special; it’s sometimes difficult to come up with just the thing to let him know how much we enjoy them. Fortunately for me, Patricia Van Essche has an extraordinarily talent; these are spot on. Lucky friend, lucky me.

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12 thoughts on “The Perfect Gift for the Perfect Host

  1. How charming! What a perfect host’s gift. Patricia is amazing the way she can just whip out those sketches – she really has talent!

  2. Brilliant – thanks, we’ll see if Mr. Blandings thinks it’s funny – he reads every day, but doesn’t get a preview!

  3. Patricia’s easy style is just so great. Anyone would be over the moon to get these. What a great gift, Mrs. Blandings. As a Graphic Artist, I know the joy a gift of a sketch or a painting can give. PVE’s drawings are to be coveted!
    Plus, may I say, your friend has the BEST house…love the offset entrance.

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