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I was in Hall’s today taking a bit of a respite from my computer woes. Hall’s is a lovely, hometown, department store. It reminds me a bit of Miss Jackson’s, in Tulsa, where I grew up. Gracious and lovely. It always made me feel quite grown-up to go into Miss Jackson’s. There is a bit of a hush.

So here, Hall’s is sometimes the salve on my emotional wounds. I’ve said before, I don’t like to shop. Mostly. Hall’s has clothes and shoes and lipstick, but that is not my gig. I head straight for what once was charmingly known as “housewares.”
I cruised through the vases and frames and such. Straight for china.

When I got married (I’m clearly a bit nostalgic lately) I registered for Herend Golden Edge.

Good girl. Fine. Simple. Timeless. Except. Except I’m a bit of a pattern and color junky. I always thought I’d get some patterned salad plates, but I never have. I just shop for them from time to time. I have always loved Herend’s Fruits and Flowers.

Today, I spotted these, and they did pique my interest.

I’m such a sucker for black and white.

But, wait, what’s that under the display? Oh, heavens, it’s the silver storage box I’ve been stalking since I saw it in some unremembered shelter magazine a month or so ago.

The color of the top box is much more green than this image reflects. Made by Lunt, these boxes are nothing short of wonderful. Heavy and substantial, the lacquer is oh-so-smooth. The colors are oh-so-rich.

The top tray is removable to reveal another divided storage space beneath. Lined in fabric, you know your silver would be so happy resting there, waiting, hopefully not too long, for you to pull her out and let her shine. Mmm-hmm. Definitely Christmas wish list material.

Around the corner to admire the antique silver. It’s quite a collection, though I bet it doesn’t get a lot of notice in it’s glass doored cabinet.

Just behind, the Buccellati. If you are not familiar with this silver, do visit the web site. Hall’s carries their silver and jewelry. I’ve always pined a bit for the flowers.

Got a thing for Chanel? How about the camellia?

Daisies caused a bit of controversy over at The Peak of Chic recently, but everyone can agree, in silver? Chic.

And without making a comment on any particular hobby, the poppy is lovely, too. My favorite? The sunflower, image at top.
Safe Mode forgotten.

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15 thoughts on “Safe Mode

  1. If you’re a color-and-pattern junkie, I bet you love Imari as much as I do. They usually have it at those old-fashioned department stores.

  2. I do, and they have. In the table top department they are doing a great job of keeping the old and classic and the new and jazzy. A perfect mix.

  3. Courtney – they felt so good – you know what I mean? Really nicely made – tight hinge, well fitting top. I think it’s something one would like having for a long time.

  4. Fun finds Patricia! And so glad you found the silver storage box 🙂
    Me, I’m more of a Buccellati leaf person myself!

  5. I love those silver boxes! Only question is would the silver scratch each other jumbled in like that? I have one of those cases that holds my grandmother’s silver individually by each piece. Am I being overly protective? I use it all the time though -not just christmas and thanksgiving – so that type of box would be easier to access ( plus much more beautiful! )
    Also love the china ( china is my obsession, unfortunately for my apartment storage areas! ).

  6. Jennifer – isn’t it funny that it was physically in my back yard? Yes, yes I can see you as a leaf girl. They are gorgeous as well.

  7. Change – Right now I am storing my silver in a zippered storage thing from Reed and Barton – it’s felt with dividers so the pieces are stacked. I have not noticed scratching – but it’s not my grandmother’s silver either. Sounds like what you have is taking very good care of your heirloom. I could actually use an upgrade. I just need to figure out which color.

  8. If china is your thing, then you really must visit “Kykuit” Historic Home on the Hudson – view the pantry brimming with gorgeous chinese patterns all more amazing than the next. Although – if you did visit, I am positive you would find many other amazing stories to post!
    Yes, silver needs felt or a soft cloth between to prevent scratching.

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