Zim Loy Should Be Famous

Zim Loy should be famous. Actually, here in Kansas City she is a bit of a local celebrity. Zim edits Kansas City Spaces magazine. But with a name like “Zim Loy” I think she’s a perfect fit for a little national exposure.

Actually, she’s getting a little. Zim’s living room is one of the five finalist for Domino’s Decorating Contest.

Her home was in the August/September issue of Spaces, a generous gesture to her readers. It’s fresh and clear, but singularly her own.

If the green movement extends to homes and furnishings, Zim and her husband are at the top of the compost heap. They have renovated several houses in town and she admits to being an estate sale and flea market fanatic.

These beauties were estate sale finds, $50 each, in an unfortunate burgundy velvet. Zim could see straight to their souls.

She also found the gorgeous armoire at an estate sale. It was a bargain, but as a serial mover (seven!) she must have more than it cost her wrapped up in transport. That’s what happens when you fall in love. And she must be madly in love; she said in her column in September that this was forever. Who could blame her?

The Holiday issue of Spaces arrived in my mailbox last week. She sort of sneaked it into the last paragraph of her column that she’s moving again. I had to read it twice. Moving? Surely not! She said this was “the one.”

My dismay was fleeting. I can’t wait to see the next house.

Vote for Zim. She’s a good egg. And she could use the prize money to move that armoire back across town.

(Hurry, votes must be submitted by the 15th.)

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15 thoughts on “Zim Loy Should Be Famous

  1. Yea! I already did, and then I saw this post. AGREE she is very talented and AGREE I’d hate to leave that house. the silver on the cream shelves against the blue walls is a killer look. I found hers the most to my taste, but also the most attention details.

  2. Yes, the blue is a great color – the magazine cover was an enfilade with the blue dining room (and those gorgeous windows) at the end. Fabulous.

  3. Me 2 – love the robin’s egg blue book case and those chairs are great, wish they were in a fun color like “orange” ~ great space and can’t wait to see the next nest…!

  4. Loved her entry but have to admit the “Girl” art was a turnoff, so she lost my vote. Too Domino-y, and for me it lowered the maturity level of the room. Too bad; she has a fine eye, and an otherwise adult sensibility.

  5. I personally love the art choices. The contemporary pieces and arrangements turn what could normally be considered a traditionally “safe” space into something fresh and innovative. I am inspired!

  6. It’s the prominent use of the word “Girl” in the painting that is annoying. For one thing, the word has become overrused. And as much as I dig Domino, I tire of the girlish/Carrie Bradshaw-eque childishness that occasionally crops up in it. When is adult womanhood going to be considered charming again?

  7. Anon – I appreciate your perspective. The thing about art is, it’s hard to judge for other people, because you don’t know what it means to them. Sometimes the artist or the trip or that initial reaction mean as much as the piece itself. As a woman myself, I agree with your view on the perpetual “Carrie Bradshaw.” I think it will be appreciated again when stylish women take a pass on the Botox and Restylene and fashion made for 20-somethings. I can assure you, Zim is that kind of woman.

  8. I don’t know how I missed this post. It is so exciting to see inside Zim Loy’s home. She actually emailed me a couple of months ago when I profiled her friend David Jimenez and was the one to put us in touch. I thought her magazine was fabulous and so it’s no surprise that her home is fabulous too! If she really is moving, I can’t wait to see what she does next!

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