Darling, You Shouldn’t Have!

You might remember that I treated myself to a little armillary sphere right before the holidays. I blanched at the self-indulgence and told Mr. Blandings in a very firm tone, that I should receive nothing else for Christmas. “The sphere was my present,” I proclaimed. “Nothing else.”

So whether it was from devotion, or fear that this was some sort of test, he ignored my request and picked up this sensational pair of marble compotes from Christopher Filley’s. For me.

Well. They can’t be returned, naturally, that would be so unkind to Christopher, and he is always so good to me. I just don’t know how he knew just the thing. He couldn’t possibly have thought I was hinting when I told him it was such a toss up when I was there – sphere or compotes. Could he? I know he didn’t think I meant for him to get them just because I was fretting – once or twice – that they might be sold during the season as they are just the thing anyone with impeccable taste might fancy. Did he?
He was doubly rewarded; once under the mistletoe by me, and, earlier, by Christopher and Rich who called him “Mr. Blandings” while he stood helpless and lost in a place he can’t quite understand. “Mr. Blandings.” He just loves that.

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19 thoughts on “Darling, You Shouldn’t Have!

  1. Mr. Blandings may have just hit the “sweet spot” of marital years known as “I think so too, dear” years. As described by my Father, it saves wear and tear on the nerves, since it is indeed, inevitable. Good show “Mr. Blandings”.

  2. Halcyon – I was just talking about this with one of my friends. She said, “Have you noticed things that might have caused a conflict 10 years ago get a simple, “Hmmm…you think so?” now? It is, indeed, the sweet spot.

  3. No. 1 is so much better. Well, he looks much worse – we are in the midst of a bruise extravaganza – but is almost back to himself. He has regained his sense of humor, if not his appetite, so we have started teasing him about how scary he looks. He even thinks we are a little bit funny. First outing today -we are trying to figure out if we can get a hat loose enough to go over the bump (still remarkably icky.) It’s his aunt’s birthday and he simply would not miss – but the social ramifications loom large. I’ll keep you posted.

  4. Anon – you’re not Mr. Blandings, are you? I know he is asking himself the same thing. They are decorative – things could be put in them – candles, or beads or, say, M&M’s – anything! And now, as I’m walking through the living room, I can pick one up and get in a few curls! Excellent! Their value has just doubled.

  5. Patricia, what a wonderful gift! So elegant and classic. Glad you received a pleasant surprise after the pre-Christmas scare. And glad #1 is mending well!

  6. I am very impressed! My husband would never NEVER dare to purchase a decor item for me. Sometimes I wish he would pick up on some of the hints that I toss about during the year, but in the end I like to make an lovely purchase in December and tell him that it is for Christmas!

  7. Lucky, lucky girl. You not only have a wonderful gift here, but the giver sounds pretty wonderful too!

    And I wish a speedy recovery to Jr. Blandings! I have sent my daughter off for a few days to Los Angeles (to see “Wicked”) with her best friend’s family, and say a little prayer whenever she leaves on a plane. My imagination gets way out of hand. I can only imagine what you went through! I am glad he is fine!

  8. Courtney – it truly was such a surprise – which made it so fun. Can’t wait to get the house back in post-holiday order to figure out the right spot.

  9. Inspire – it’s tricky to be a gal who knows what she wants. My better half has pretty much resigned himself to my control issues.

  10. Katie – he’s the best of the best.

    As for the fretting – I’m world class. But as it turns out, of all the things I’ve ever worried about, going to this friend’s house was never one of them. Both his parents are doctors, they monitor the electronics, and they almost always feed him something really yummy, like shrimp pasta with peas – never, ever junky food. As any sane person would tell you, things happen. I just wish knowing that would make me relax a bit instead of want to wrap them all in bubble wrap.

  11. I’m not Mr. Blandings, but I sympathize with his befuddlement.

    If I got these, I’d try them on either side of my fireplace.

    Or use them to conk intruders over the head.

  12. Tazzas! (singular – Tazza) “A wide but shallow bowl on a stem with a foot.” Unfortunately, since you identified them as compotes you have to send them to me. {I can provide you with a shipping address.)

    Great blog, btw…

  13. Anon – I had no idea! What fun to learn something new. You are trolling the archives today. Thanks so much for the info and the compliment.

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