Mirror, Mirror

I have a picture of a mirror in my head. Not a non-existent mirror that I have dreamed up, although I do have a problem with that kind of thing as well. No, a real image of a mirror from one of the many design books in my office. I think.

I was sure it was from Mariette Himes Gomez’s “Rooms.” So, I whisked it under my arm on the way out the door this morning.

Alas, it was not there. But I noticed, as I was flipping frantically, then thumbing slowly, that Gomez has a way with mirrors and maybe that was why I thought it had to be there.

Most of the mirrors she chooses are almost works of art. While her rooms are usually crisp and subtle, her mirrors have a lot of interest.

I think she is especially strong with furniture placement, but noticed today that she has a great eye for placing mirrors and art as well.

She often uses pairs, which always seems just right. This little vignette above would be pretty easy to replicate on almost any budget. And so charming.

The chinoiserie mirror is terrific, but especially so as it is placed in this pristine environment. All that white makes it pop.

I noticed the smaller mirror on larger mirror a couple of times. The arrangement above is genius as it is reflecting the light from the window which makes the whole room sunny and warm. Also, who doesn’t want a vanity mirror? Instant glamour.

So, like running into a good friend, it was fun to see Mariette again. Now I have to go home and see if I remembered something real or not. Large, oval, black with white “dots,” possibly mother-of-pearl or ivory inlay? Does she sound familiar? Let me know. Wild goose chases welcome; something good is always bound to turn up.

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13 thoughts on “Mirror, Mirror

  1. I was at the installation of the white bathroom 8 years ago. How funny. The chinoiserie mirror and zebra stool belonged to the owner, who was a record exec with an eclectic style. I believe she has a matching mirror in her guest room. I remember being sent out to buy a shower curtain and some of the other accessories you see here from Gracious Home (along with lunch, I am sure. Hey–I was 23 and thrilled to be doing it). The chair is from Mariette’s furniture line and was upholstered in terry cloth.

    I am glad you like MHG so much. She really is a master.

  2. Holy 7 years bad luck, Batman! Mrs. Blandings, you just brought to the front of my cobwebs…When my parents moved from a new home to wonderful older home in 1972, there was this great old mirror in the house over the fireplace. My Mom didn’t care for mirrors except in the bath for some reason, and seeing your second photo (our mirror was almost that size and shape and frame) I remembered that My brother and I wrapped that mirror in moving quilts and stored it against the wall in the storage room of their cavernous attic. It’s still there! I haven’t thought of it in years. It’s probably aged greatly in these 35 years! I need to go over and look at it. If it’s any good, I will post it. Talk about repressed memories. Thanks for the jog. I love mirrors.

  3. Courtney – Mecox is a great thought, I will check there. Am I explaining it well? Do you know what I’m talking about? I am just wondering if it’s something old or maybe a framer could just make it for me. I’ll keep searching and post it if I find it.

  4. Brilliant – how fun! My own brush with fame. (I’m on-line friends with a woman who stood in this bathroom!) I had to go back and look at the chair – it’s terrific as well and I love the terry cloth.

  5. Halcyon, you sneak, how dare you start blogging and not let me know! If I weren’t so thrilled, I’d be hurt. Run, don’t walk, to check out that mirror and let us have a peak. I’m so glad the Gomez image jogged your memory – it could be quite a find.

  6. Gosh Mrs. B….I didn’t announce it to anyone, but I wasn’t hiding it. Anyway, it pales after yours. Don’t be hurt!

    and just and FY for your I.
    My Dad says that mirror was stacked against the chimney and cracked either from the attic heat or the chimney heat years ago. He doesn’t remember if the frame is still up there. FEH!!!! So near and yet so far.

  7. This posts makes me very excited about Christmas, because I put Mariette’s books ‘Homes’ and ‘Rooms’ on my Amazon wishlist, and they were both purchased!!!!! Beautiful post.

  8. I love mirrors and use them in abundance myself. A couple of years ago I had a woman come to my home for a party and she made a quick remark to my friend about how she liked my house but we must be in love with ourselves because we had so many mirrors. If only she knew just how true that is!!!! Actually a friend once told me that, “a mirror gives a room a soul”, and I’ve always loved that thought. Here’s to unbridled self lo9ve!

  9. I completely understand, I do that all the time. I’ve searched through back issues of magaziens for days looking for something I KNOW I’ve seen but to no avail…

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