OK, Pencils Down

Well done. I think Joni at Cote de Texas was the first one to guess correctly, but Linda was close behind.

Today’s mystery designers are William Diamond and Anthony Baratta.

Now you will certainly recognize the beginnings of the bold use of color and traditional patterns. Only the gingham in the kitchen hints at the steroidian scale to come.

This was very fun, for me at least, we will definitely do this again.
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6 thoughts on “OK, Pencils Down

  1. Well in 20 years, they certainly haven’t learned how to do overhead light fixtures, now I have they? I think diners have less fixtures than these guys use in kitchens. Anyway, truly attrocious (this set of photos). The first set of photos looked like typical 80s over-the-top femininity, so I guessed Bunny and Charlotte based on the time period, the magazine, etc. I think Michael Smith was in diapers back then. Anyway, fun quiz!

  2. Joni – I told you in the first part of the contest – the satisfaction of a job well done! And not only are you smart, look how much smarter you are than all the other smart people who guessed. An illustrious group.

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