Suzanne Rheinstein

Courtney was the first to answer at a very ambitious 7:22 a.m. Suzanne Rheinstein’s “California City” Federal Revival home in Los Angeles (she disliked the term “English Country”) appeared in House and Garden in August of 1989.

Most of you know Rheinstein is a New Orleans native, raised with all the rich Southern tradition that city implies, who moved to Los Angeles when she was married.

These images of the house as it is evolved courtesy of domino.

The lovely image, top, is Rheinstein and her daughter Kate. Gardening was one of Rheinstein’s passions as well; she planted honeysuckle under Kate’s window so she could grow up with the same fragrances her mother did. Those Southern girls know things. Right, Courtney?

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9 thoughts on “Suzanne Rheinstein

  1. How fun to see the photo of Mom & daughter! I think many of us enjoyed seeing Kate’s oh-so-beautiful wedding in Elle Decor.

  2. I just adore her style — and that room with the striped furniture is wonderful! Even my DH says (on his way by to make the before-dinner drinkies) “Hey! nice room!” So thats a TRUE indicaton of style around this house! LOL!

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage — off for the evening martini

  3. I love Suzanne’s store Hollyhock in West Hollywood. I am going to be there next week and I am trying to set up an interview with her. Keep your fingers crossed for me.
    Great Post!!

  4. That dining room is beautiful. The time and effort to collect those bird prints, frame them, hang them…they must be treasured.

  5. I saved the spread and her daughter’s wedding and there, right in front of me, was the answer for the last pop quiz that I tried to cheat on and failed! eeek!

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