Oh, Happy Day!

This does not look like it could possibly be the beginning of a very good day, but in fact, it was. To begin, we had some lovely “new” friends to dinner Saturday, and despite the coq au vin being a bit purple (at first, by the time we served it, it seemed much better, and tasted devine) we had a wonderful time, so I already had a spring in my step.

Also, I had had a little retail therapy. There are upsides and downside to making friends with antique dealers. The upside is, they are usually happy to see you, fun to talk to, and, if you are lucky, they often have something really yummy you might need. Mr. Blandings might question the definition of “need,” but I think you know what I mean. The downside is, sometimes you drop in just to say “hi” and things happen. Perhaps you want to put something on the wish list for the next buying trip, and it turns out you are on a buying trip yourself. This happened to me at Suzanne Cooper’s on Saturday. I’d been eyeing these vintage jars for a while and she finally “gave” them to me. Sort of. But they are quite big, very heavy, and will be fabulous filled with holly or sunflowers, and absolutely glorious when the peonies bloom. Which may be never as it is a ridiculous 17 degrees here.
My subscription for domino finally arrived. I not sure my pregnancies lasted longer, or ended with at much relief, as this process. I danced a jig at the mailbox.

And, the rug came. I have a wonderful receiving company that I use, and one of the nice things about them is they don’t balk when you say, “Um, I do have a couple of things that need to be moved.” and the things are a 200 pound desk and a 500 pound chest that you didn’t get around to emptying. Well, you saw the living room, it’s not like I didn’t do anything. And I Swiffered. And picked up no fewer than fifty Legos.

I have to say, I love it. I wanted to do wall-to-wall, but Mr. Blandings furrowed his brow, which means he’s highly concerned and I conceded. I still think I was right, because that is how I am, but I’m very happy with the results.

If you are wondering if he noticed, he did. He said it wasn’t the new-carpet smell that gave it away, but the first thing the boys said when they came home from school was, “What stinks?”

And darling Rosie. What a day. First she had to follow me back and forth through all the emptying out. Then meeting her new friends, the delivery guys, was very exciting. Then the following back and forth to put everything back. Days like that can really wear a girl out.

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28 thoughts on “Oh, Happy Day!

  1. Mrs. Blandings,

    I love the antelope rug in your study. I am interest in a leopard runner for my stairs. Where may I inquire did you obtain your lovely rug? I have been lurking for awhile reading your blog. I love it!!!!!

  2. Anon.- I worked through one of my trade showrooms here – do you know a good designer who could help you out? Some are willing to take on little projects like this.

  3. Mrs. B – I bought those EXACT white jars at Target a few weeks ago at their “Global Home” thingy they do every Jan.- Feb.. They are beautiful but not vintage as you suspect. Maison21 had a post on the jars and the white chinese garden stools that they carried about a month ago! The jars were a steal @ $59.99 and the garden stool was on sale for $29.00. I have my jars on my dining room table too!
    I love your blog and have been reading it since Day 1… since you are now my friend I had to let you in on the provenance of the JARS!

  4. Mrs. Blandings, I am laughing out loud. This is the best post to date. I can say that because I read every day. I love the rug!!!!! The room is perfect and Rosie is too cute.

  5. Anon – I did see Maison 21’s post about his (and your) identical jars. I would have been skeptical of their provenance had the original tags from Hall’s not been on the lids. They do seem happy on a dining table, don’t they?

  6. Anon – many thanks. I think Rosie might like the rug as she blends in a bit – she might be hoping she can hide from the boys in here.

  7. Patricia, LOVE it! I’m kind of jealous actually of the whole den/office. The leather sofa, rug — just perfection 🙂

    Your dining room looks great as always too.

  8. Rosie c’antelope tonight for she is two jarred from the high of that new smell of love!
    I am leaping over that new rug and those jars are ringing my bell! (Bell Jar) Did you ever read that?

  9. LOVE the rug! That’s one of my favorites so it’s a thrill to see it in your home! Love everything, but Rosie most of all. What a cutie-pie.

  10. Wonderful finds — and what an exciting day! After all — lovely new rug — and a chance to swiffer out the room too! LOL! Isn’t it fun what you find in a room! I would swiffer around here but the dust bunnies are now so organized that I’m afraid I’d lose the mop! LOVE the darling dog!

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  11. Love love love love it~~~~~~!!!!!

    It looks too wonderful. You must be over the moon. I can just see you walking past the room and staring at it every 10 minutes or so and shooing Rosie out. You’re just letting her in there for appearances!! Admit it!

    Oh, and those jars ARE from Target, aren’t they???? ahahahahahah I’m hysterical. Cracking my self up over all of this.

  12. I love it! I used that same capet for a client in their study once upon a tipme. Your room is wonderful. And I especially like Rosie napping in the sunny spot!:)

  13. love the carpet, mrs. blandings- a classique that will never go out of style! lends a little billy baldwin chic to any room…

    as for the jars, i’m sure the mold (for the ones from target) was cast from a vintage urn such as yours. and whether vintage or le tarjay, they are very, very nice looking, and once again, true decorating classics.

    last, rosie napping on the sofa is too adorable! sofas aren’t just for people.

    ps- any improvement in dealing with your beautiful mac shown in the photo?

  14. Joni – you are cracking me up as well. I might have to start saying they are from Target or everyone is going to think I’m a big dummy.

  15. Well done Mrs. B, a fine say! What a delightful space. I’m a bit jealous of your office and the rug really makes it.

    You know, I kind of like the purple chicken in Coq au Vin. By the time I get dinner on the table for guests, we’re all a bit purple with the wine ourselves…

  16. E&E – you are always welcome to misspell and typo here – I’m the worst and so distressed that spellcheck on blogger has been down so long.

  17. Hi all,
    Mrs.B’s are indeed original. If you go to the Target website you can see the side slope is totally different than on hers. Hers is more straight down, Targets has a real wasp like waist. Easy to see if you open to browser screens and compare.
    Mrs B, you are lucky to have the true originals!!! But yes, Targets are very pretty too, and they are pretty much sold out now in stores.
    Rug looks GREAT, very chic.
    Sara L.

  18. Mrs. Blandings, can you tell me the manufacturer of the rug? Did I miss it? I have a friend who can get this for me. I LOVE it. It almost looks like shagreen from the photos, but the pattern is much larger. I love your bay window and windowseat and the dark color. I REALLY like this rug. It’s not something you see every day, and I think floors get short shrift in the everyday home.

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