BFFs, Me & Martha

You know, I’ve always liked Martha Stewart. I’m not saying I think everything she does is fabulous. In fact, I’ve never had a Martha Stewart recipe turn out well. Mr. Blandings claims she holds back one ingredient in everything so it comes out a little off. He thinks this is how she maintains her illusion of superiority.

But, you have to take the bad with the good. With every friendship you have to expect a little, “Gosh, it makes me crazy when she does that.” One assumes one’s friends might even feel the same way.

So I was not a bit surprised when I dropped in on I Suwanee this morning and saw Martha’s absolutely adorable beach towels. (I let you check them out there, she has so many great things to see.)
I went searching and look what I found. Fabulous rugs.
Don’t assume that because they are at Macy’s they are inexpensive, because they are not.

But I do think they are pretty jazzy. (Anon, I almost said rockin’ or fierce, but I didn’t want to be reminded of how old I am, yet again.)

This lavender is especially pretty.

And, if Courtney is right, the jewel tones of this rug will put you ahead of the crowd.

Perhaps the animal print in a neutral colorway will help you dip your toe. That Martha, she knows things.

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11 thoughts on “BFFs, Me & Martha

  1. I’m with you- the lavender rug is beautiful. I’ve seen her line at Macy’s- the bedding line is actually quite nice.

  2. Wow, I found these Martha Stewart rugs a week or two ago. I was excited about the “faux bois” rug. Seriously fierce. Hunted it down on Macy’s website. Anyway, I’ll have to save my pennies for a while for that one.

  3. i definitely have a love/hate relationship with the martha (probably more love than hate, but if i had to spend any amount of time with her that ratio would change, i’m sure), but love her or hate her, this rug collection is very nice. the animal print meets faux bois is particularly pretty, but 6000 bucks for something with martha’s name on it? i doubt i could do it…

    wish they had that print in a beach towel- 40 bucks i could do!

  4. London – you are so right, this is much more faux bois than animal. And you get to use the word “fierce” while I, alas, cannot. I’m being influenced by Christian on Project Runway, I can tell.

  5. Maison – I agree, but she is a stickler for quality. It’s not the Martha that trips me up as much as the Macy’s.

  6. I SO agree about her leaving out an ingredient in her recipes. I really have also said that for years.

    Glad to know someone else feels the same. Though, if you have her original “entertaining” book — the banana bread is the best ever.

  7. After looking for modest attractive curtain rods for weeks, and only finding ornate over sized things that were totally wrong for the space, I found my curtain rods at Kmart, thanks to MS. So now I love her. And someday I’ll find the right real ones, but meanwhile…

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