Jackye Lanham, and I’m So Sorry!

I have a bit of high-school hangover. Every now and then I can get a little, well, touchy. As of 9:30 this morning, not one comment. Hmmmm….maybe this little game had run it’s course. Maybe everyone had a morning meeting.

Then I was back home at 2:00 and nothing, still. I thought I was doomed to blogger loserville. Even mean-spirited “anonymous” had not checked in to criticize my usage of the term “jonesing.” I was all but baiting him, but nothing.

But, wait, I can almost always count on a few of my fellow bloggers to check in. What was going on? Apparently, blogger was not e:mailing comments to me and they had stacked up a bit. Kudos to Marion in Kentucky who “named that designer” by 8:00 AM.

The first layout this morning was Jackye Lanham’s own beach house from House and Garden, August of 1992. This one is her work for Deanna and Kenneth Kirchman, Southern Accents this July.
And, of course, all my friends were there, including annoying anon who thinks I am not cool and cannot use the terms “hood” or “jonesing.” He totally took the bait.
Please forgive my temporary bout of insecurity. For a moment, I forgot who my friends are.

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17 thoughts on “Jackye Lanham, and I’m So Sorry!

  1. How summery are these rooms! I have kept all of these pictures tagged in my magazines. Love-em. And of course there was a snag! You are a favorite of many of us!

  2. Kathryn – it’s embarrassing isn’t it?

    Anon 1 – Rosie is well, she is weaseling her way onto every forbidden piece of furniture. We are push overs.

    Anon 2 – You got me!

    Katie – I’m still not receiving my notices (arg!) so the reassurance is appreciated. You know the feeling is mutual.

  3. Mrs.Blandings,
    Love the blogs that get 954 comments but then again, I do not even know what I would do, if suddenly, I had that many to read.
    I did want to comment, but in an effort to appear wise, (not old) I had not a clue to post back. Now I will post, even if I not know the answer. As I say to my children, “just slow down and give it your best answer.”
    You keep us all wanting to comment, even when we don’t have the answer or anything to say.
    How many times should one comment and never ever get any comment in return? Will someone please tell me?

  4. Patricia – I love to hear from you whether you know “the answer” or not. Sadly, I notice I’m commenting less on other blogs the more I read. I need to remember that the conversation is part of the fun.

  5. Oh, dear, Mrs.Blandings, I hope you do not think that my comment was directed at you on lack of comments.
    I do appreciate all comments ! Even if is one lonely one.

  6. Way to go Marion! I wouldn’t have guessed it was Lanham. And no need to worry, we were all there yesterday morning scratching our heads as to who the mystery designer was!

  7. Hello Mrs. B.,
    Methinks “anonymous” has flunked all your tests and is PO’d.

    Really though, a kid like “anonymous” has missed some of life’s bigger lessons, eh?


  8. I think you should call anon Troll Anon…first of all, I post as anon and always sign my name because my blogger account always links to my 8 yr old son’s blog and that’s too weird. Only Trolls write mean comments, usually people with sad lives and not enough going on. Second, you aren’t old, you are chic and when people are chic they can use any adjectives they like and still seem cool (See, I just did it, too). Also, Troll might be someone in your personal world that is jumping on here to annoy you so keep your eyes/ears peeled…people can be pathetic that way.
    Finally, I love those photos…both of Jackye’s rooms that have held well over time (love the persian rug) and also the Martha rugs…loving her faux bois right now.
    You Rock!
    Sara L.

  9. Oh Mrs. B., things I miss: KUinfo (before the internet.) But I would never miss my daily dose of Mrs. Blandings….

  10. E & E – hold the phone. KU info? I had no idea you had been “on the hill.” I called to find out which chipmunk had the red nose, Chip or Dale, how many trees were on campus and a number of other things. They never said they didn’t know. They could have been making things up, but they always had an answer. Those were the days.

  11. Well — those rooms are simply gorgeous — fresh, charming and elegant. Just a lovely shot of summer — just what I needed! After all — even Dallas got a dusting or two of snow! Sheesh!

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  12. If I remember the article, Jackye Lanham worked with architect Bill Litchfield on this. Both are very very talented Atlantans – nice to see their work in blogland!

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