Courtney had a reader who was looking for a rug. I thought it might be a Rug Company rug, but it wasn’t. She has had some leads as well, and, by the way, neither one of us is on commission, it’s just,when someone finds something they like, and you like it too, well, you’d like to know where it came from.
So when I saw the ad for Carini Lang Handwoven Carpets, I thought, “Maybe this is it.” And, I still don’t think it is, but, hold onto your hat.

If you were my youngest, you would say, “That is totally awesome.” (Except he reserves this distinction for things primarily Star Wars.)

I could happily find a home for most of these, but the florals made me gasp when I saw them.

Dramatic and powerful.

Happy and pretty. Absolutely, statement pieces.

How much?

Another favorite quote of my youngest is “blah, blah, blah.” For him, it signifies irrelavance. As in, “I don’t like broccoli, so blah, blah, blah.”

I don’t care how much they cost. Blah, blah, blah.
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8 thoughts on “OCD

  1. Anon – we were greeted with lots of kisses and much wiggling. She seemed equally enamored of her care taker – apparently, she’s not so picky.

  2. The rug at the top was Chinese – looks a lot like the ones in Maggie Lane’s books, but isn’t, a hers were more organized in pattern. Lots of beauties in “Needlepoint by Design.” I also had rugs in my wholesale line produced by Creative Needle of Dalls – which were taken from antique oriental porcelains (Imari, Canton Roosters, Celadon, etc.) They were painted for stitching on 10 mesh canvas, except for very ornate ones which had to be on 14. Inge still has the rights to the designs but people don’t seem to want to do rugs any more – horribly expensive these days.

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