1st Prize

Remember, I’m on a bit of a quest.  One of our local antique malls, Mission Road, used to be a pretty reliable spot for, well, good stuff.  Occasionally you would find something really terrific.  As with most antique malls, there is a lot of junk, but that is also fun and I’ve certainly bought some of that, too.

Sadly, the last few times I have been, things have really disintegrated.  From a style perspective.  And while I’m not a provenance purist, if you are going to call yourself an antique mall, I think your things should be at least vintage.  Or older.  New, I have a problem with.  

But, I was trolling around there last weekend, and I did bee-line back to a new booth that had piqued my interest on the previous visit.  It’s a little wonderland in what amounts to the back alley of the mall.  

Steve Rogers has set up a little mecca amidst the horrid, hand-rubbed reproductions.  

And, as chance would have it, he was there when I was there.  This is a man with a passion.  And a family.  And a full time job.  You can see from the images that he has rounded up wonderful architectural pieces, intriguing objects, trends and classics alike.

An absolute delight to visit with, Steve and I discovered we are both from Tulsa, though I am much older.   He calls his little piece of paradise Prize, and it is aptly named.

Go.  Turn a blind eye to the poor reproductions.  Keep your head down.  Focus.
Keep your eye on the Prize.
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8 thoughts on “1st Prize

  1. I can never get enough antlers. That last picture is perfect to my eyes. I shall have to send you a photograph of a Scottish ballroom whose vaulted ceiling is a veritable pincushion of antlers, hundreds, probably a thousand of them.

  2. I also love the great finds at Prize and snagged a set of wonderful hand painted shades a few weeks ago in Steve’s space.
    As fellow dealers Gwen and I always make his booths one of our frequent stops.
    The last photo you featured was a wall of antlers in one of our spaces at the mall. Coincidentally, 7 pairs were sold this week before your blog was even posted! Our September buying trip to France in won’t come soon enough!

    There are tons of great finds at Mission Road, please come visit again soon!

    Gwen McClure and Teri McClure
    French By Design
    Mission Road Antique Mall

  3. Keeping your eyes on the prize.. that is the trick isn’t it Mrs. B.? I think that finding the local dealers with the truly great eyes is a perfect way to hone your instincts. Looks like you’ve found a treasure trove!

  4. We toured Mission Road Antiques again this past Sunday, prompted by “1st Prize” on 4.11.08. It had been about a year since I was last there; my companion never. We found spectacular things. It’s a great place.

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