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For those of you who haven’t seen this before, it’s a little “Name That Designer” for which you win self-satisfaction.  And, smugness, if you choose to go there.  I usually save a Pop Quiz for when I’m going to be away for the day, but not today.  The Thursday before we left Florida, the youngest of our crew came down with a little something.  Which turned out to be pneumonia.  He’s on the up-swing, but staying home.  At first he cried and begged to go to school, now he’s settled in to spending his day in his pj’s.  So, I’ll be right here ready to reward the winner.  With praise.

I really like rooms that use variations of the same tone.  These two pillows together are quite good.  Quite good.  I like the shift in texture, rough brick (top) distressed leather, then the sheen of the antique fabric on the pillows and the dressed-up classic table.
Dining Room as Library, always a popular combination; and bench as dining seating well before it was on every other page.
There’s a shift here as this is the guest house.  A bit more pop of color.  You cannot put me off the Hudson Bay blanket, especially as upholstery.  And the red contrast welt?  Adore.
Living room, again, variations of the same tone.  
Sitting room.  If you know obscure design facts, this is a good clue.
This was the draw today.  These beds reminded me a bit of the boys’ room.  And while I can be rigid about changing trim color, I’m charmed by the apple green trim here.
OK.  I’m here all day.  Extra points to anyone who can identify the significance of the sitting room look.  Go.
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9 thoughts on “Pop Quiz

  1. Could it be Sister Parish? The painting of collage on the wall makes me think of some of the rooms in her house in Maine.
    Marion from Kentucky

  2. First a disclaimer—not at all suggesting that any contest participants utilized this methodology, but…just for future reference…when you right click on the individual pictures and then click on “Properties” your file name becomes visible. And your file names may give away a little more of a clue than you may have wished! Thanks for another enlightening and fun post.

  3. Why doesn’t Lynn Von Kersting do a “real” book with a “real” publisher? She’s so talented and so hard to find. Do we need to camp out at Indigo Seas?
    Sorry, off the subject. Is it Michael Smith?

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