Did I mention I’m co-chairing the boys’ school auction?  Oh.  I did?  If you think you don’t want to hear it again, imagine how Mr. Blandings feels.  I’m distracted and disorganized and certainly not getting around to all the stuff I really want to be doing.  But, I did manage a little work last week, and noticed one of the new colorways of Dzhambul by Brunschwig & Fils that Courtney has mentioned.  Fabulous.

And when I returned home today, after working at school all day (not that I’m complaining) there was the new Elle Decor waiting for me like a trusty friend.  

I didn’t have a lot of time to catch up, but, like all good friends, she delivered just what I needed.  I was a little bitter, as she looks absolutely flawless, while I am a bit haggard and tired.  She didn’t mention it, of course.  We’ll sit down for a long visit soon, but somehow, just knowing she’s there makes all the difference.  
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7 thoughts on “Slacker

  1. Ah…I know it well…the long parent volunteer hours and the slightly irritated husbands. ( I am a member of the Patron of the Arts Board at my daughter’s highschool and was just asked to be the President at last night’s meeting….I just have to regretfully say no if my family wants to stay intact.) Elle Decor is just the thing! Hang in there! I hope mine comes soon.

  2. What, you, disorganized, feathers in a frenzy, hardly sounds like the Mrs. Blandings that I know!

    Remember the 2 letters, N O next time, so hard to say.
    Now, crawl under that blanket with a flashlight and peruse that Elle Decor… give us your edits.

  3. Patricia – my deal was, I’m doing this, then nothing else. Ever again. Mr. B does NOT believe me, but I am truly “done” this time. Although my co-chair and committee has been a dream. See, silver lining already.

  4. Hooray for mom’s like you! Our kids need them and our schools need them. That copy of Elle Decor isn’t going anywhere. Thanks for the volunteer work!

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