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Kansas City is the kind of place that has more like two degrees of separation than six. As I was working out yesterday and recounting the antics of the weekend nearly every woman there was saying, “Who? Oh, right, his sister was in my class.” or “His mother is a good friend of mine.” or “I think she’s listing a house on our street.” Like that.

Today, I’m introducing something terrific from Mr. Blanding’s boyhood neighbor’s nephew’s wife. Got it?

Lara Shelton, originally from Indianapolis, married a nice boy from “our town.” She has two little boys, and to create an escape from the trucks and sippy cups she has started her own line of melamine plates.

I adore melamine for it’s smoothness and the slightly matte finish and the fact that it is nearly indestructable. Lara has dreamed up some jazzy designs for La Plates and I think the monograms and personalizing are so great because they are so BIG. Nothing says fabulous to me like a big, oversized anything.

Check out her site. The plates are customizable by pattern, color, type style, nearly anything. Mrs. Blanding’s readers will receive a 10% discount through June 1st by entering the code laplates10. Summer’s right around the corner. These are just the thing for beach, pool or lake – or pbj’s while you’re running through the sprinkler.
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9 thoughts on “Just One Word

  1. Monograms are a great way to feel like royalty! Just like his and hers towels.
    These are great fun and will surely keep my memory in check. Why I will just refer to the Monogram.
    Why, of course, that is me, PvE!

  2. Mrs. Blandings, I knew I could count on you. I have been looking for some melamine plates for eating on the screened porch. These are great!

    It’s possible we know each other as I am a sorority sister of beachbungalow8 – one year older.
    I have been reading for a while for ideas on shops to stop in when I’m able to find a day to spend in KC. We live 2 hours away. I’ve enjoyed your blog very much.

  3. These are soo cute! Gina Penner another cute gal here in KC sells melamine plates in fun prints for kids and adults. She has darling foam cups that will match your plates too! Super cute and super fun for summer time!

  4. This is a fun idea–and so many cute designs to choose from. I am having one of those why-didn’t-I-think-of-this-moments.

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