Branksome (not Break-some) China

There is a wonderful article in the June issue of World of Interiors that chronicles the history of Branksome China.  The company was founded in 1945 but was facing closure last year.

Husband and wife, Philip and Charlie Johnson, bought the company in October with a passion to rescue and revive it.  It’s hard to believe that it was struggling as the shape is so clean and modern, the glazes so clear and appealing.

The prices are not outlandish, even with the exchange rate, and custom color combinations and personalization are available for a modest up-charge.

I love the graphic nature of the black with the colored glazes.

Art pieces are available as well.

Oddly, as I was clicking around the site I came across a story on their news page.  Seems when they reintroduced the dog line, the boxer’s head was missing and they were unable to reproduce this breed, which was a frustration for collectors.  A bit of luck uncovered the mold and now this dashing breed is back in production.

He even has floppy ears like Rosie.  Could be the birth of a new collection.

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11 thoughts on “Branksome (not Break-some) China

  1. My Father used to say -“A rolling stone gathers no moss.” I would be quite happy to be a stone in your home or for that matter a piece of china.
    Lovely breed of china.
    It has a rarified pedigree. I love the simplicity.

  2. I just love this blog and have visited every day as Anon. I am coming out of hiding.LOL You must buy the bulldog, it has Rosie written all over it!

  3. Patricia — are you going to get the dog? I like the surprise of the interior colors, as Meg described.

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