Crewel Love & Striped Socks

A wonderful designer/shop-owner/showroom-owner here in town sent me an email regarding MacKenzie-Childs following Monday’s post. She wondered if I was aware that the founders, Victoria and Richard MacKenzie-Childs, were no longer involved in the company that bears their name.

I was not. But I was thrilled to read her story about meeting Victoria and Richard on the ferry boat that they call home. They have a new company, Victoria and Richard, that produces pieces as extraordinary as the first.

One of the things that drew me to the original MacKenzie-Childs pieces was the use of color, of course, but also their joie de vivre. It is pure joy to see folks who love what they do and then see it reflected in their work.

The line includes dinnerware, serving pieces, glassware, rugs, lamps, garden accessories, furniture and, yes, jewelry.

And, the pieces have engaging and delightful names. The jar, above is Crewel Love.

This charmer is Striped Socks.

Both of those and Laddie, above, are available as lamps as well.

A demi-lune planter could come in handy is so many spots.

And then, there is this. You have to click the picture so you can really enjoy it because the detail is so amazing. My friend, Joye, told me when she met the MacKenzie-Childs on their ferry she felt like Alice going down the rabbit hole. Victoria was doing dishes and greeted her as a favorite relation. She could see views of the Statue of Liberty in one direction and the Empire State Building in the other. No surprise that sometimes dream houses float.

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8 thoughts on “Crewel Love & Striped Socks

  1. I’ve always loved M/C pieces and it was fun to see their new work. Is someone taking over their previous company? I think it would be hard to produce pieces that continue to show the same spirit that was in their earlier work.

    I looked through Spaces while waiting to have my car serviced. I must have missed your article or the fact that you wrote it. Will have to look again when I pick up the car.

  2. I followed their saga as they lost their business a few years ago and was heart broken for them. I am glad they have started anew. What talent!…and such charming people!

  3. Meg – these pieces seem a little more focused to me. Perhaps a more selective audience, I don’t know, but those jars are off the charts. I said it of their first renditions, but these will be the collectors items of the next generation, I guarantee it.

  4. Lee – someone did take over the old designs. I’m not exactly sure of what happened, but it was “just business” I bet. You can see with the new pieces that M-C company produced that they don’t quite “get it.” The original pieces are, of course, still charming.

  5. I love these! and your article in the latest Spaces is wonderful, especially the Laddie jars, I can see them as great lamps. Karena

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