River Market Antique Mall

One of the great things about my Spaces gig, is that I get paid for something I was doing anyway.  Under “hobbies” I should be listing “Haunting antique shops and not buying anything.”  A really great spot for this is River Market Antique Mall.  These three floors of warehouse space in a neighborhood with legendary “alleged” mafia ties (now a super spot filled with lofts and restaurants) are chocked full of stuff.  Some great, some junky, always reasonable.  Like the four Heyward Wakefield chairs, above, for $375.

Or these vintage sea creature prints for $20 a piece.

Really, really great, huh?

Russell Wright pitcher for $35.

Adorable, no?
Look, the work is already done for you – $35 a piece.

The place is full of character.  I don’t think you need to be worried that the floors are patched with odd pieces of metal.  I don’t think you do.  I don’t.

There are some booths I just like the look of every time I’m there.  

I keep going back to one dealer who had this great “Eames era” planter which was basically a metal cone that set in a tripod base.  Which would have made the most amazing outdoor cooler for wine.  Ok, here’s the punch line.  It was $85 and I just thought it was a smidge too high.  I know, sometimes you make a bad call.  I even went back again and it was there.  Didn’t buy it.  A week later when I couldn’t stop thinking about it I went back.  Gone.

So now I go back to the same booth every time.  Do I really think it’s possible that he’ll have another one?  No.  But he might.

There is a lot of stuff to weed through and it’s best not to go in a hurry.

But treasures abound if you are patient.

Like me.  This last trip I found a copy of Billy Baldwin Remembers for $12.  It almost takes the sting out of missing the planter.  Almost.
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12 thoughts on “River Market Antique Mall

  1. I just love places like this, where you have to hunt for a find! It’s my favorite sport!!


  2. WANT that Doctor’s cabinet for towels and medicine jars full of cotton balls & q-tips, and of course want to paint a red cross on the glass.

  3. Halcyon – I looked and looked and looked for a price on that cabinet and did not see one. I don’t have a spot, so hated to track someone down and then say, “Huh, cool.” This booth is one of the best.

  4. Mrs. Blandings —
    Aren’t you one of the nicest people! I can’t believe you inquired for me. I am disappointed it’s not for sale — but not surprised. I wouldn’t sell it either. I’ve found two recently but not quite the style I want. I first saw these in Martha Stewart’s Organizing Book but I would have wanted it for a bathroom even if I hadn’t.
    And thank Denese for emailing me to tell me so. I dropped her a note. You’re the greatest!
    –Kevin (halcyon)

  5. Kevin – It was all Denese! I was merely standing by. Sorry this one did not work out – surely one will come your way.

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