I hate to shop.  I know you fashionistas will think this is a cop out, but I love J. Crew.  Always have.  I think it’s easy.  And, by the way, I’m not on the red carpet, I’m in the carpool line so it works just swell.  Anyway, I’m flipping through the latest and I notice this…

And, their stylishly messy-haired models are wearing one in almost every image.

“Collection” is a stretch as there is one.  (If a collection is one then I have a collection of diamond rings, Ted Muehling candlesticks and boxer pups.)  But it’s a good one.  Rolex 14K gold “shell” Oyster Perpetual on riveted Oyster bracelet.  Note that for their first selection they chose yellow gold.  This is the men’s model.  For the record, the scale of a vintage man’s watch on a woman’s wrist is near perfection.  Can’t wait to see what’s next.  
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17 thoughts on “Hmm….

  1. Why just yesterday an e-mail from J.Crew arrived, an apology letter. I think it should have been written like this,
    (“Deepest apologies for making you want one of everything in the latest catalogue.”)

    Love is never having to say you are sorry. Right?
    I spotted that sorry watch too. Sorry is not good enough according to my 8 year old.

  2. My daily Go-To watch is a man’s Timex — the long rectanglar silver one with a basic white face and a black leather strap. I do have many other watches (most cheap and easy) But I just LOVE the Timex! Cheap, fun and it really works!

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  3. You’ve got an eye for detail b/c I completely missed the mention of the vintage watch collection (I think I was interested in the nubby jacket!). If one does make a collection, then yes, we all must have A LOT of collections!

  4. Patricia – I don’t know what that email was about. I have just ordered sale stuff, and had them look for the Domino skirt and the customer service was outstanding. Clearly, someone else is grouchy.

  5. Jan – I’m on the hunt for a vintage Timex that I saw in a magazine one time. I might have found it yesterday. Where? The shoe repair place. You’ve got to keep your eyes open.

  6. Jennifer – I have a few pages turned down myself. Wondering if I’d have a place to wear that sequined dress!

  7. I’m a huge fan as well. My JCrew cashmere v-neck is a far better quality than the one that came from Mark Shale.

  8. Nice first choice for a collection. Well, one must start somewhere… mine’s stainless steel and thank goodness Mrs. E. doesn’t think to “borrow” it. (Shades of the leather jacket, the Barbour jacket…)

    J. Crew does good work, but the prices have been creeping way up. Must be all the travel to exotic ports of call for the photo shoots.

  9. Chris – this is actually “my” watch, though I wear it with a strap and not a bracelet. You’re lucky about the Mrs. – I’m constantly raiding Mr. B’s watches. I agree the stuff looks good; the prices are somewhat concerning. I do, however, keep going back for more.

  10. Mrs. B,

    If you like J.Crew you might also like Martin & Osa. I walked into the store at my local mall and was immediately taken by the simple designs. Its quiet clothing perfect for the carpool. Shipping and returns are free at martin& They don't sell watches but they do sell leather cuffs. Love your blog.

  11. Hi Mrs. Blandings:
    Just received my J.Crew yesterday & spent all night pouring through & must say I have a huge list of things I want. However, I missed the watch collection. Good job!

  12. You are the first woman I heard to say not to like shopping, in person I mean. I sometimes find it stress relieving to shop.

    Ahh…vintage watches…aren’t they still so cool?

  13. I blogged about this watch too. It’s a bit ridiculous to have a $5000 watch at j frikkin crew, but their next offering is supposedly going to be a line of vintage timex pieces. I can see those getting swiped up like in two seconds, especially after seeing the rest of the comments here!

    And I’m right there with you about the Crew. Love it!

  14. J. Crew is my “go to” store because I know I can find something great in no time flat. Having a family and work just makes for very limited time for shopping. And I would rather be shopping for antiques or doing something memorable with my family than shopping for clothes.

    LOVE the new fall catalog…I love the watch, but will probably never buy a Rolex watch. The value of having that particular watch just does not equal the expense. But I do like the look very much!

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