House & Garden, Part 2

“Come in,” said Cindy Sutherland, and so I did to this charming home.  Not magazine slick or jumpy or trendy.  Quiet and lovely and loved.

The wash on the walls in the entry was subtle and soothing developed to mimic the tone of a French mat on an old print.

Sutherland added the horizontal accents to the existing balustrades to give it a more interesting Chippendale feel. 

The dining room, where we sat and visited, is as sunny and relaxed as its owner.

She had originally tried botanicals on the walls but they never felt quite right.  The majolica eventually came home here.

The TV room also serves as library (and houses the Aarons’s book of the last post.)  Sutherland is so glad they updated the kitchen but did not “blow out” the back as many had suggested.  She reports that her husband comes home to sit in the same spot every night.  The lesson learned was that people do gravitate to small spaces and the soaring ceilings and masses of square footage do not translate to “more.”

I adore the hunt scene, and, as you might have guessed, Sutherland painted it.  She’s begun to paint more and is delighted and slightly amazed that this passion is finding an audience.

Things were bound to go well for me here, right?  Yellow and white, that soft red and chintz.  Blandings heaven.

Oh, yes, and needlepoint.  Sutherland stitched this pillow that was once a kit offered at the Nelson, much like the one I had painted recently.

I tried putting it under my shirt, but she noticed.  Now I’m kidding.  But I would’ve.

The house was built by Edward Tanner, a prominent Kansas City architect, as a spec house for the J.C. Nichols development.  One house on the street originally had a three hole golf course.  Sutherland can trace the changes to this house from the original floor plans and pictures included in the original brochure.

 The room is filled with family pieces as well as a significant collection of Staffordshire.

This is the women’s wall and is hung with portraits of family members, a couple by Sutherland herself.

The oyster wood chest was her grandmother’s.

It’s difficult to tell because of the light in this image, but the slipper chairs are upholstered identically to my office chair.  Smudgy turquoise and red.
 Sutherland took me up to her studio where light flooded the room.  She has captured her children, her own pets and others’, as well as scenes from her garden.  She shows to a small group once a year.


Currently working on illustrating a children’s book, she also has cards available at George Terbovich Gallery in Crestwood.

It was a wonderful morning, a welcome break from shuttling boys and picking up toys.  

And while this seems a “very Mrs. Blandings” house the real appeal is that it is really all Sutherland’s own.  
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25 thoughts on “House & Garden, Part 2

  1. what a lovely HOME (notice, not house! it’s a real home!). She’s quite a talented artist as well! impressive@

  2. I am truly enjoying the house pictures, so I tagged you! Your blog is beautiful! Granny Smith Green

  3. Charming – I love the pink damask love seat! and the striped walls. And the secretary! but I’m really intruiged with the staircase and I took a cursory look at mine as to whether I could copy it – no, shoot!!!! What a wonderful afternoon – lucky you!

  4. Portraits! And painted by the homeowner. Such a classic, meaningful touch.

    I see so many classic elements: the sink-in comfortable chintz chairs, the red and yellow, the secretary…

    I think the hunt scene may be my favorite element.

  5. I tried to leave a comment late last night with no luck.
    But lucky me, to return to this heavenly home through the eyes of Mrs.Blandings. Amazed at how perfect it is – as if it were meant for you. Surprised you just have not moved right in.
    Everything is so real, so refined, yet so “homey!”
    If this house were not in Kansas, I think it would find you. Destiny! What gorgeous artwork, full of love and a flair for life. So apparent in her home, and her garden. Like a flame, this is one bright and cheery spot.
    I cannot help but think of all the magazines lining up outside the “Sutherland Spread!”

  6. What is particularly wonderful about the inside of this house is the placement of doors and windows which provide so many opportunities for vignettes. My hands-down favorite is the women’s wall and the oyster chest. Not only a beautiful arrangement but so very personal. Thanks for providing such an appealing start to the day.

  7. Flawless! The stair railing is genius. It’s so nice to see a beautiful traditional home look so fresh and “new”. I think you two will become fast friends!

  8. Hello Mrs B.,
    The quilt as a table cover in her “studio” – nice touch.
    Is that also one used the same way in the “tv/library”?
    Lovely french doors in the library…..a shame the sofa partially hides them – and what is presumably a impressive view.

    The deep green ottoman in the living room is luscious…..a perfect mix she has.

    Adore a house that doesn’t try hard to be “right”…. just “happy”. This one smiles.

  9. Charming, lovely and elegant too! A real HOME in all of the best ways … thanks for sharing! And her artworks are simply wonderful! Perhaps she will consider doing a few prints of her artworks someday? Or perhaps transfering some of the motifs to napkins or tablecloths? Just a thought!

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  10. Thank you for sharing this lovely home. It’s beautiful, but so homey that I think I could just walk right in and start living there.

  11. Love everything about this house!

    Thanks you so much for your blog. This is my breath of fresh air at the end of the day. Needlepoint, the Mitford sisters, Brideshead Revisited and Arthur Bryants. It doesn’t get any better than that!

    Washington, DC

  12. Ever scroll down was as wonderful as the ones before. Sunderland’s art is as soft as her choice of fabrics……A terrific tour.

  13. I have to echo anonymous above – Mrs. Blandings has found a niche that soothes those of us who really enjoy beauty and all things home!

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