Magic Kingdom

Last week I had an extra special treat.  Cinderella Syndrome had fully settled in and I was weary of shuttling boys and breaking up spats and finding all the things that need to be found in order for us to walk out the door.

Then Suzanne Cooper, one of my favorite antique dealers, called and said, “Why don’t you come for coffee?”

So I got to go to Suzanne’s house.  It’s a grown-up’s house and is filled with so many just-right things. 
It was tricky to talk and look as I did not want her to think I was not interested in what she was saying.  I was just oh-so-interested in the kinds of things that she would buy herself.
Except, as I was taking it all in, what I was hearing is that she’s taking it all out.  Well, not exactly.  The absolutely lovely antiques are staying, but Miss Suzanne thinks it’s time for a change.  A little re-decoration.
I was lucky enough to see what comes next and it won’t disappoint.
A true collector, everything has a story as it should.
 Then, long after my camera battery gave out, Suzanne asked me if I wanted to borrow anything from her library of design books.  It was like something I’d never seen.  Every much-blogged title stacked in her bedroom bookcase.
I took home a short stack.  Every night after the boys go to bed, if not to sleep, I lie in bed and carefully turn the pages.  At the stoke of mid-night I turn back into a pumpkin, but until then I am completely indebted to my fairy godmother.
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16 thoughts on “Magic Kingdom

  1. What a treat! Everything is lovely…I would think only the wall treatment and upholstery could be updated…the rugs and case goods are too perfect already.

  2. The antique horse standing atop the iron and marble table at the window is wonderful! Although my career is in the art world, I work with many interior designers and now read an equal share of interior design and art books/magazines. My favorite bedtime or early morning coffee reading!

  3. Wonderful house! And lots of treasures to see and enjoy — I would have a hard concentrating on the conversation too! LOL! I hope that you are invited to see the next phase of decoration — so we can see the “Before” and “After” photos — always MY favorite section of any magazine or book! LOVE the books!

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  4. I go to bed every night with the original Colefax and Fowler coffee table book, “The Best in English Interior Decoration”, by Chester Jones. It’s a classic, just like this wonderful home. And I have sweet dreams very night!

  5. I often go to bed with Billy Baldwin decorates. Found it at a library sale for $2.00!!!!! What a steal. It was almost enchanted!

  6. What fun to have a fairy godmother like this! I hope you get to share the “after” with us when she is done. 🙂

  7. “A grown-up’s house”… a great turn of phrase.

    Just the thought of redecorating scares me to death — which is why some of the rooms upstairs haven’t been done to begin with.

  8. Thanks from me and Suzanne for all the lovely comments. I do think think she will give me a peek when she is finished.

    When I’ve waded through the books I’ll be sure to let you know which ones are on the wish list.

  9. the Colefax book is like a bible. I have the same problem when in a beautiful house – it’s hard for me to concentrate on the conversation I”m too busy worrying about the decor. Actually, the same thing happens in a really ugly house too! or just a mediocre house. hahaha – the papier mache table is to DIE for!!!!!!!!!!!!! She sounds like such a great friend. I’m jealous!

  10. I’m glad i’m not the only one who ignores my host while I check out their digs! I’m glad to see my favorite ‘world of interiors’ in your stack! You’ll love them!

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