Darling, Margaret

M. Russell

NY, NY  10019
Darling Margaret,
You’re such a doll!  Imagine the thrill of returning home from our family vacation to find your treat waiting for me on the kitchen counter.  You shouldn’t have!

To start, adorable Nate.  I wish I’d run into him while we were in Chicago, but it was so fun to see that his place is so, well, done and un-done.  A special treat.
And while we were gone I had just been thinking about Mayer Rus, wondering what he’d been up to. Wry and witty, you know he has always been a favorite; I do miss him.  Terrific to catch up over Andrew Fisher and Jeffry Weisman’s home in Healdsburg.  
Forever grateful – you know just what a girl needs.  Hope all is well – you look GREAT, by the way.  Do keep in touch; I can’t believe it’s been a month already.
Mrs. Blandings
p.s.  Have the tivo set – can’t wait for the new season of Top Design.  Do dish about India – she seems fab!
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7 thoughts on “Darling, Margaret

  1. Nate has exquisite taste! This home in particular impressed me no end.

    So glad the Blandings had a new adventure. Welcome back.

  2. Courtney – I thought this a particularly good issue – and the Berkus apt. is a keeper. As is usually the case, the adventure was fun, but it’s good to be home.

  3. Erika – this issue is worth the wait – I’m glad I only gave you a peek at Nate’s place – you’re going to love it.

  4. I saw said magazine peeking out of the reading basket at my dentists office before it had arrived in my own mailbox at home and it took all my moral courage not to stuff it in my handbag as I was leaving. What stopped me was the thought of robbing some other like minded person from getting a similar thrill. What if some crazed design junkie (like me) had succumbed to thievery before I got there?

  5. Thank God for Elle Decor! It is so fabulous! I actually saw it on the desk at Flair and so wanted to stuff it in my bag too! But I didn’t even peak. I just ran straight to the newstand and bought my own copy and was definitely not disappointed. Nate’s apartment is so personal and interesting. I loved it!

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