10 thoughts on “Does She or Doesn’t She

  1. I’m loving the gray these days (is it spelled with an a or an e? – I always opt for an A) I just inherited a sofa and am trying to decide if I want it upholstered in a gray velvet or gray linen – I’ve ordered swatches – but I’m leaning towards the velvet – what do you think Mrs. B? And gray is a neutral right, it will go with almost everything?

  2. I have noticed so much gray lately in shelter and design magazines and catalogs. I just painted an old nasty cabinet gray for my furniture painting gig, based on all those pictures. It would make a great drinks cabinet. It’s a dark gray. Should it be a light gray? Or a strie effect with light gray glaze? Should I paint a big silver diamond on the front doors? Or just leave it alone? Please, you know these things; I don’t. Which would be most interesting, stylish and, best of all, saleable?

  3. loving gray these days, we just painted our office gray. erika’s is very cool with the more cheerful sofa fabric!

  4. I have been planning to paint most all of my first floor gray. Though, with 3 boys, I’m not calling it gray. I’m calling it the color of dirt. Hopefully it will hide a multitude of boy..

    This gives me great inspiration. Thanks.

  5. Gee, only Erika’s room looks gray to me. It’s more like violet, navy, green…then gray.

    I’m probably sleepy.

  6. I am a new subscriber to your blog, Mrs. Blandings and I already am loving it! I have a new fondness to gray! THANKS. Have a great day.
    PS….also love Urban Grace Interiors too……Erika is super talented, so loved seeing you include her gray creation!

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