Happy Something

A milestone of sorts.  My first post is dated August 6th, but that must have been the day I started working on it.  At the time, I was unaware that one could modify dates and time.  The plan, if you could call it that, was to publish on my birthday.  I don’t know why.  And I didn’t, I actually published the day before my birthday for no known reason.  A year ago today.

I sent an email to Courtney, Jennifer and Megan entitled, “I’m up.”  Courtney and Jennifer posted comments within two minutes of one another on the blog and Megan emailed immediately and said, “Let me know when you are ready for me to let people know.”  She posted about Mrs. Blandings a couple of days later.  They were my top three bookmarks then and they are my top three bookmarks now, but, oh, how my list has grown.

Sometimes people ask me how it’s done or how I find the time.  The how it’s done is easy, a monkey could do it (if a monkey could read.)  If you are curious, log onto blogger.com and the system walks you through the entire process.  (I’m sure typepad is the same.)  You don’t even have to make it available to other folks, you can keep it all to yourself if you like.  
The funny thing about finding the time is, I have always done the stuff that you would call the “work.”  Tear sheets and resourcing and researching and reading.  I’ve been doing that for years.  The fun of blog reading was finding other design crazies who do it, too.  The other part, the writing, as it turns out is pure joy; I simply cannot imagine life without it now.
I can’t believe it’s only been a year.  You have no idea how grateful I am that you stop by and visit.  It’s such a gift.  And for that, I say, “thank you.”
I do not have an inspiration board, only because I don’t really have a spot to put it.  If I did, and I could only choose one image to place upon it, it would be this.  A Kate Spade ad from several years ago.  This image sums up all the good stuff for me.  Note the chinoiserie headboard, the Osborne and Little paper, Asuka, has long been on my hit parade, the lush blooms and a touch of modern in the table.  The contrast on the pillowcases is actually navy, but if I squint my eyes just a touch it looks like black grosgrain ribbon.  The vintage watch, the inspiration for my fifteenth anniversary gift from Mr. Blandings because I adored the clean whiteness of the face and the slashes instead of numbers and the way the face itself spanned the width of her wrist; I realized when I pulled it out again that I had, unwittingly, procured a similar band.  And she writes.  If only there were a touch of that smudgy turquoise it would be perfection.
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36 thoughts on “Happy Something

  1. Happy Birthday Mrs. B…today, tomorrow or whenever, I am lost on that part. What I do know is that I cannot imagine a morning without you. Thank you so much for doing this. It has been fun and educational. A great time among friends ( like minds).

  2. MrsB.,
    That manual typewriter says something too, perhaps the thoughtful, extra step you take for juuuuuuuust the right twist………

    Cheers (with a twist) Alison

  3. Happy Blogger Birthday Mrs.Blandings!!! Keep up the great work, looking forward to many more birthdays around here!!!

  4. Happy be-lated birthday to you and to your fabulous blog. I for one am so thrilled to have my daily click to Mrs.Blandings.
    make me laugh
    look at things
    cry for no reason
    needlepoint (again)
    shop for things I really need
    forget about food
    want more books
    more white shirts
    billowing skirts
    classic timepieces
    want “le Lac” wellies if there ever were.
    look up words
    light candles
    look in the mirror, from time to time
    spell check myself
    make me smile
    inspire me to draw
    make me feel less crazy
    that’s all.
    cheers to you and your blog!

  5. I for one and so glad Mr. Blandings Built His Dream House…Congratulations and thanks for the regular fix of style, class, inspiration and fun.

  6. Patricia — it’s hard to comment without gushing.

    I can’t imagine the blogosphere without you. You challenge us and raise the bar each day.

    And that KS image is a favorite but absolutely you. So glad you highlighted all the details.

    Looking forward to another great year. Cheers!

  7. Congratulations Mrs.Blandings! This time last year was when I discovered the world of blogging –myself! Keep up all the good work! Love the Kate Spade Ad –I have that one myself. Oh, Happy Birthday!

  8. Congrats, POD!

    (and happy birthday, too)

    It’s been really fun to experience this chapter of you through regular reads. Keep up the great writing!

    – Mary Catherine

  9. Happy Everything, Mrs. B! You are one of the highlights of my weekday morning. You have such a great writing voice and marvelous style. It’s been fun getting to know you and the family over the past year. Congrats!

  10. Mrs. Blandings: Happy anniversary and birthday. And thank you for making so many mornings begin on a high note. And thank you, in particular, for the Shedd images. I’ve never visited but am putting it on my list for the architecture as you note. And I mourn yet again the passing of the great Marshall Fields empire. Their flagship store is also a building that will never happen again. And a hometown store is a community partner in a way that today’s megastores and corporations will never be.

  11. Congratulations on your Birthday and your 1st blogging year! It is nice to have that anniversary on the same day ( or thereabouts) to remember easily. I sort of skipped over my birthday AND my year of blogging. Time just gets away from me. So happy to get to read Mrs. B often. 🙂

  12. For she’s a jolly good blogger….. that nobody can deny!

    Hip, hip! Hoorah!

    Hip, hip! Hoorah!

    Hip, hip! Hoorah!

    We are so very lucky to have you. All the best during the coming year(s).


  13. Happy blogiversary! You are definitely one of the shining stars out there.

    I am ashamed to admit that I did not know that one could change the date and time of a post. I must figure that one out. I only use basic blog functionality!

    Here’s to another wonderful year of blogging.

  14. My how the time has flown. All your loveliness has undoubtedly made it fly by just that much faster. I’m sure of it.

  15. The headboard. Are you interpreting the pattern (fabric pattern) as similar to the scroll-y pattern seen during the opening ceremonies this week, sort of up high and on the cauldron during the official lighting?

    I should have looked up the name of the Chinese pattern before commenting. Just wondered if you thought of that too.

  16. Courtney – I love the way you tied it together. I hadn’t thought of that specifically, but can see it now, clearly. Thanks for the reference.

  17. thanks for sharing your thoughts on design and life! I feel as though we are old friends. I stop by your blog often and am always delighted.

  18. mrs b- happy birthday and happy blog-aversary!

    you are without a doubt one of the highlights of my daily blog reading, and i’m always excited to see a new post in my reader (i also love that they seem to post in the wee hours- i’m a night owl, so it’s a lovely way to end my day).

    thank *you* for taking the time out to educate, amuse, and entertain us.


    m21 (battling it out with style court for the honor of being your number one fan, even as i type)

  19. definitely looking forward to years and years of your witty quips and inspirational writings. Happy Birthday Blogging Buddy! xx

  20. Happy Blog Anniversary! I’m fairly new to the Mrs. Blandings bandwagon, but I am a regular reader. I love what you do, and hope that you continue to enjoy it for a LOT longer!

  21. Sorry it took me so long to read the post but HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY!! By the way I am not able to pop the picture, what kind of watch is she wearing? MB

  22. Mazel Tov! Gosh – I thought it already had been a year! You’re a newbie, hhahah!!! I have you beat by 3 months.

  23. Oh, Mrs. B! I just got back in town from Vegas, and nearly missed your festivities, but had to add my best wishes. How I’ve become enthralled by your writing since I discovered you a few months ago. The day is simply not the same when I am unable to start it by reading your blog. Please never stop.

    P.S. Vegas was HOT. And without any fun sightings a la your May 4th post Home Again, Home Again. THAT is still one of my favorite posts, and always a reference point for clever writing when I tell my friends about your blog.

  24. Yay, happy birthday/anniversary! I’m not sure I can top all the other comments, but you are definitely one of my faves – keep it up!

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