With a Bow

My Mitford sisters obsession continues. Now that I am reading Decca’s letters I’m anxious to move on to the works of the other sisters to see their perspective. While all of this is skitting through my head, I remembered Jennifer’s post of last year on Debo’s (also a Mitford sister) home.

Her post was flawless, as usual, but what struck me was the similarity of these rooms to Cindy Sutherland’s. I am a bear of very little brain, and it’s not as if I’d get the rooms confused, they just very much have the same feel to me. I’m just saying.
Images courtesy of the Peak of Chic, originally from World of Interiors.

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13 thoughts on “With a Bow

  1. Whether grand or modest, the rooms looked “lived in.”
    I know that phrase may be a cliche’ at this point in time but no matter.
    Debo’s Dower House sitting room gives the appearance of having evolved over the years when in fact it was done quite recently. Amazing.

  2. Oh, your brain is just fine, the rooms are certainly similar. Same comfortable elegance. My favorite style,in fact. Gorgeous, yes. Even costly, sometimes. But never precious. Lovely. And, aren’t the Mitford sisters something?

  3. I should read these letters. I love historical correspondence.

    Both rooms look artisic, elegant and comfortable. I like both.

  4. Hi Mrs. Blandings
    just a small note to let you know that I enjoy your blog. I've been blogging for a little while & was just taged-wanted to see if you would like to play?

  5. Ooooooo, the undecorated look – so fond of that – "What this old thing?…."

    The first shot looks like Katharine Hepburn's house in Fenwick. Couldn't you see her sitting in that white slipped chair in the first shot?

    The Bar Harbor wicker basket & woven log carrier caught my eye first thing – not to mention the zebra handbag on the sofa.
    PLUS a RealLiveTelephoneWithACord&Everything!

    Be still my beating heart………

  6. Toby summed up my sentiments perfectly. This is my favorite style of decorating- a look which seems to have evolved over time. It certainly sums up Sutherland’s home. And Debo’s home was just recently done!

  7. totally similar. a space with provenance and a ‘lived in feel’ is always best in my book. nothing looks contrived or ostentatious.

  8. I am truly a bear of little brain, as I do not have a clue as to who Cindy Sutherland is, despite having a magazine budget..er habit..which may rival yours. Google did not shed any light.

    If she lives/designs like the dowager Debo, I would love to see her home or work.

    That Lee Jofa sofa fabric is one of my favourites. I have 3 yards of it which I’ve not managed to use for the last 20 years! If I had 20 yards, I would do curtains or a sofa.

    My kids are pressuring me to get rid of our hall wallpaper, which is a Stroheim and similar in feel to the Lee Jofa. Bows and roses are not exactly the current aesthetic. Looks good with my very old Serapi, the colors are perfect!

    It’s good to see other people hanging on to stuff they like, even if not current.

  9. Pamela – this is my fault and not yours; I should have linked. I posted on Cindy’s home a couple of weeks ago. If you use the search box in Mrs. Blandings it should go right to it. Sorry for assuming.

  10. Wait – toby 🙂 – this is Chatsworth, NOT her dower house!

    Am I wrong people?

    Joni (I hate to be wrong!!!!)

    and yes, congrats to Katie Did – much deserving.

  11. I have always loved the bottom photograph, which is a sitting room at Chatsworth. Especially fine and worth emulating is the green-skirted table and its masses of potted plants, flowering and not. Also pretty is the wood tub which can be glimpsed through the open door, also packed with flowering plants.

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