Bright and Shiny

I truly enjoyed the feature in September’s Architectural Digest about Hope garden.  The garden, in Brooklyn, New York, was rejuvenated by Bette Midler and designer Elissa Cullman as a memorial to Cullman’s late friend and business partner Hedi Kravis.   Naturally drawn to the symmetry and order, I also admired the pops of color from the iron pieces.

Other publications this month also offered colorful accents that could add a little jump to your outdoor space.  The Bamboo Tower Chandelier featured in Coastal Living would be a particularly chic porch light.  (Don’t look to me for specifics of outdoor wiring and the such; I’m just the idea guy.)

Also in Coastal Living, the Almidi end table would be the perfect spot on which to place your cocktail.

A jumble of these containers by Vellum would be stunning holding autumnal blooms.

Ah, and these.  Birdcage votive holders.  Enchanting, indeed, scattered amongst the branches of our ancient lilac.  In fact, I took a moment to hunt them down at The Conran Shop.

Disappointing, perhaps, but I always seem to see things in black and white.
Image, top, AD, September ’08.  Photography by Billy Cunningham.
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13 thoughts on “Bright and Shiny

  1. Lovely garden and who doesn't love a garden! What a wonderful way to give a lasting tribute to someone you have admired. I just love Bette Midler …..I think she is fabulous and DIVINE!

    Best Regards,

  2. Anon – Coastal Living lists House & Paper in Miami as a resource – 305/661-8545. I clicked around a bit to find them on line with no luck. I'll let you know if they turn up somewhere.

  3. Lovers of shelter magazines are never far from chinoiserie, are they?..even in a stylized form…Love your blog, your photos, and your commentary, Mrs. B.!

  4. The bamboo tower chandelier would match the wicker chairs! Of course, then I’d need the “chic porch… .”

  5. Oh I agree!! I love all iron pieces whether it be a much that I get so disappointed when I see just black! Great post!

  6. you know, this post just made me think that i may replace that white one in my kitchen for the coral shade of light bamboo number. hmmmm.

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