Hip To Be Square

Western Interiors noted this month that Hermes is releasing a limited edition scarf collection based on the work of Bauhaus artist Josef Albers.

I could not find them on line, but am wondering which of the hundreds of pieces in the Homage to a Square series the French design house selected.

Albers was born in Germany in 1888.  A teacher, writer and painter, he began the Squares in 1950 and continued working on the series until his death in 1975.

He was interested in investigating the effects of color and space on visual perception.

He and his wife, Annie, moved to the States in 1933. 

Easy – to know
that diamonds – are precious
good – to learn
that rubies – have depth
but more – to see
that pebbles – are miracles.
Josef Albers
Knowing this would certainly add depth to that chic little number wrapped around the handle of your bag.
The scarves are available through Hermes shops in Beverly Hills and Manhattan.
Images courtesy of josefalbersgallery.blogspot.com.
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17 thoughts on “Hip To Be Square

  1. Mrs Blandings! If you only knew how un-stylish my home would be without the influence of people like you! dont even start. the only reason i have influence and style is because of bloggers like you, courtney, karen, michelle, erin, and cassandra. i owe it to y’all!

  2. In College, we did an intensive “Albers” study with a series of projects which I still have. I did them with intensity, these may look simple, but for me, it was one of the most challenging projects. The relation of color juxtaposition still drives me crazy, in a good way.

  3. Patricia – I can see that it would be – these are always the kinds of thing that I think, “What’s the big deal? A little paint, some squares…” and disaster ensues. I’d love to see an exhibit of his work.

  4. Patricia, you are such an inspiration! These Albers works of art are indeed wonderful! Some of my works are color field. I have a new way to be reached… artbykarena.blogspot.com and am very open to suggestions, being new at this. Anyone who would visit and comment, please it would be great and much appreciated. Ex:I haven’t figured out how to do the “sign-up box!

  5. I love geometic shapes. These squares on scarves will be wonderful. The colors, too.

    I would be hard pressed to pick one color, but I think I’d select the aqua/blue palette with the green center, but the grey square with cream lined by white and the pale yellow/cream center is just as tempting. Decisions. Decision. 😉

    Love your quote, Patricia. Explains why I enjoy watching Ginny Wrens as much as redbirds.


  6. hmmm…thanks, patricia, for one more reason why I need to add another hermès to my wee collection. these are stunning.

    and i just realized that they’re only a mere $3500.

    good. now i can take a deep breath.

  7. Love, Love josef albers. elsworth kelly would be great translated to scarves too.

    Looks like I can just hop up to Beverly Hills and pick one up, lucky me!

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