Stepping Out

We are all still adjusting to my new found freedom.  It’s a bit of a good natured joke of Mr. Blandings’s to inquire, “What did you do today?”  Not because he cares, but because he knows it’s bothering me that I can’t come up with much.

A couple of weeks ago I had coffee right before carpool with a guy who does some work for Spaces.  So happy to have something of interest on my list, I was surprised at Mr. Blandings’s reaction.  “Who is he?”  “He works for Spaces.”  “Is he gay?”  “It didn’t come up.  Are you kidding me?  You have meetings with women I don’t know all the time.”  “That’s different.”  “In what way, exactly?”  “Boys, time for dinner!”
If he only knew that I am stepping out with handsome men every day.
Just yesterday I popped on over to 1st dibs for a rendezvous with Joe Nye.  Do make a visit yourself as his eye and advice are spot on.

And I am besotted, as is all of blogland, with Eddie Ross.  Thank heavens I don’t have to wait for a new episode of Top Design as he is posting nearly every day.  If you haven’t already, go see what the fuss is all about.  Oh, and he’s nice, too.

Still, I am making some time for my girlfriends.   The Tablescapes luncheon last week for the American Royal was such a treat.  (That is where I originally spied the cloches for our dinner party.)  One of my favorite vendors, La Plates hosted a spirited holiday table but I thought these new designs very clever.  You can choose your candidate, or get one for your bothersome friend so you can serve her a big helping of crow in November.

And just so you know, I’m not a bit annoyed with Mr. Blandings.  It’s hard to get your ire up when your husband still sees the girl he married seventeen years ago and not the middle-aged mother of three who looks every bit her age in a well-lit coffee shop on an autumn afternoon.
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29 thoughts on “Stepping Out

  1. I just found Eddie’s blog recently myself and spent an entire evening reading it. I love seeing what he does with the things he finds, and his styling and photography are great. I’m also a bit concerned that we’ll go to New York and all I’ll want to do is hit the flea markets.

  2. Perfect for your book, I can see it now,
    “Home Affair”
    “Jealousies festered in his mind when he perused a stack of swatches of Le Lac that he found on the kitchen counter upon his arrival from a hard day at the office. Noises of giddy laughter echoed from another room,” that decorator was there again.

    Oh, you are clever.
    You must write a book….. please.

  3. Courtney – I’ll see if I can get some of the table shots – I didn’t take any myself. Then, I’ll show you what I wore -you’re cracking me up.

  4. You MUST write a book, Mrs. B!! You are a master with words!…You make your reader feel like they are actually there! I could almost see the look on Mr. B’s face as he asked you questions about your “coffee date”… funny. The ending was the best!
    It brought a tear to my eye and a chuckle too!
    I too love Eddie Ross and glad I found him in blogland!

  5. Reminds me of comedian Eddie Izzard’s infamous “bit” about how “do you want a coffee?” can be construed as a sexy come-on line! LOL! Yes — my DH can spend lovely times with all sorts of people of the female persuasion … but raised his eyebrows over my meeting with editors! These exchanges happened years ago — neither of us can even look at each other in the current early morning light without thinking “nope — nothing to see here — move on!” LOL!

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage who resembles her early morning porridge! And thanks the stars for good strong hot tea!

  6. Mimi Lee – I just read, “every blogger wants a book deal!” I may have to stand in line. In the meantime, so glad you are stopping in here. And, yes, Ross is a gem.

  7. Totally romantic. However, if I used those plates for a dinner party here, I’d have to hide all knives in the house right now. Maybe next summer we could laugh about it.

  8. balsamfir – yes, folks around here are losing their senses of humor as well. You could try friend chicken and baked beans – then your guests would only need a spoon.

  9. Too funny! By the way I love the art in Joe Nye’s Imagery. Very inspiring.I think everyone secretly wants just a tad of jealousy from their partner!

  10. Thank you for the link to Eddie Ross. Inspirationally creative, isn’t he? And your idea of hanging the pictures from yesterday’s blog on the wall in the bedroom is just right. . . maybe a set of items of clothing, although I love the books and the typewriter, too. Those, I suppose, could go in the den maybe?

  11. Mrs. Blandings,

    I've been lurking on your blog for months & thoroughly enjoying it. Your post about your husband cracked me up! My husband can be the same when someone from work texts me about nonwork stuff infrequently. Its sweet at times my husband also still sees the girl he married 17 years ago, instead, of the mom of 3 boys with "swim mom" sticker on her car.

    I love your blog! I read it religiously, just haven't commented before today.

  12. I’m glad to have this link so that I can get to know Eddie w/o having to watch Top Design.

    And I love that Mr. B had a little nervous moment. Sweet.

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