DIY Silhouette Pillows

I swear I’ll take a break from talking about myself after this.  A reader asked about the silhouette pillow in the post earlier this week. I had these pillows made with each of the boys silhouettes a few years ago.  So easy.  I took their picture in profile then enlarged it to the desired size.  Cut it out to use as a template on black wool felt, then sent it off with the remaining fabric and ribbon to have pillows made.

If you sew (I can’t.  Can’t cook, can’t sew, who knows why Mr. Blandings married me exactly sixteen years ago today) you could do this yourself in a flash.  I had their names and the dates embroidered on the back.
I’m practically Eddie Ross!
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27 thoughts on “DIY Silhouette Pillows

  1. I had noticed those pillows before. They are wonderful. What a great way to really honor your boys. I’ll bet they think the pillows are kind of neat too. We may have to call you Mrs. Blanding-Ross! Ha!

  2. Before I scrolled down, I was thinking “Eddie Ross!”

    I especially like the graphic punch of these in your den and wondered the other day if they represent the boys. Since they are personal, they don’t seem trendy here. Nice job.

  3. SERIOUSLY?? I just figured those were some store bought deal… you are unreal… look out Eddie Ross Mrs.Blandings is in da hiz-house! Love their names/date on the back. Maybe I need dog silhoutte pillows!?

  4. Great idea. I like that line in the English Patient “A woman should never admit she can sew”. Not sure why that is, but I am going with it.

  5. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to the BLANDINGS!!!……May you have many more!

    I love silhouettes and had never thought of doing them on pillows. How unique and what a wonderful keepsake!

  6. Absolutely charming. These are the personal touches that really make a house a home. You will treasure these always!

  7. Fun! The Fiance and I had our silhouettes done at some silly stand in DisneyWorld. Hmmm…I smell a weekend project…

  8. I noticed and admired this in your earlier post. I don’t sew, either. Luckily my husband had to learn how to suture in medical school – he’s on his own with buttons! Maybe I could try this – thanks for the idea. And happy anniversary! Wedding picture?

  9. Thank you! Now to find someone who sews and is willing to take this on, they are wonderful.
    Happy Anniversary, have a big night out in Kansas City!

  10. Happy 16!!!!
    Mr. B married you for your good looks and brains and wit and sweet disposition!
    Who needs to cook and sew ha ha!
    You decorate!!!!
    And have given birth to your beautiful boys!!!
    Now Eddie Ross does alot, but he can’t do that!
    xo xo

  11. I noticed the pillow in your last post and thought it was terrific. I had a feeling you made it. I now know my weekend project…Thanks for the inspiration!! By the way Mr.Blandings Builds His Dreamhouse is one of my all time favorites. I love the “paint color” scene…How true is that…have a great weekend..Sue in Atlanta..

  12. Happy anniversary Mrs. B!!!

    Sorry to refer back to an earlier post but I just hit the flea market at Porte de Vanves in Paris this morning. I found a master butter, and two sort of hanging/coat racks, and the hooks were actual hoofs.

    The racks were odd, but the knife was creepy and cool all at once. We didn’t buy it, opting for old French ironstone instead, and I’m already regretting leaving it there. I’m with everyone else. Old taxidermy is fine.

  13. That is the cutest idea I’ve ever heard of! I can’t remember which design magazine it was…but they featured a designer who had done a sillouette of her as a little girl on her ottoman in a pink, black and white room- it was really cute too!

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