Equal Rights

Some folks thought my post yesterday was a bit of a boys’ club.  Rightly so, and I must say, oddly, I seem to gravitate to male designers.  That said, there are certainly some amazingly talented women that should be on the ballot.

Rose Tarlow, who does an incredible job of seeing the big picture and focusing on the details.

She could calm any storm.

Not a new-comer to the Blandings’s scene, Mariette Himes Gomez is always a party favorite.

She can certainly bring some unity to the house while each element speaks loud and clear.

And then I waffled.  I adore Bunny Williams and Victoria Hagan.

But decided we needed a breath of fresh air.

Sheila Bridges, with her colorful stance, might be just the woman we need.

I’m anxious for a little closure, in fact, I’m counting down the days.
Top three images, The Private House, Rose Tarlow; middle three Mariette Himes Gomez courtesy of her site and the final three Sheila Bridges from her site.
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24 thoughts on “Equal Rights

  1. Love Rose Tarlow. I only found out the other day from my Designer friend in SF that she has sold her furniture line!!! There is a book table I want really badly.

    I admire Mariette Himes Gomez, but confess I need to know more. That’s good for my amazon/adlibris list.

    I’ll forgive the slighting of Bunny, as I think that Sheila Bridges, one of my VERY favorites, Mrs. B, is well deserving! I have Furnishing Forward and LOVE it.

    Good choice!
    Oh, and Bunny called. Said you’d know what it was about.

  2. I’m an unabashed fan of Meg Braff. She’s the mixmaster (mistress?) of all things good. Adore her.
    Next in line: Windsor Smith and Nancy Boszhardt

    Mrs. B., I believe it was in 2006, Jude Scarboro’s spread in Traditional Home – it was of her own 1920’s house in California – the balance in that house of formal/informal, light/dark, elegant/relaxed is pure magic.

  3. Another close race.

    Bridges is sn inspired choice. She has a firm grasp of history but injects such vibrant new looks in her rooms.

    Tarlow is always impeccable. Her rooms hold up for decades.

  4. Halcyon – I think you would really enjoy Gomez’s books – both the pictures and her perspective. Really. She’s one of my favorites.

  5. So many beautiful homes, the bedroom in white is just gorgeous!

    I am a swedish woman living in Singapore, feel free to visit:_


  6. W.T.W. ….Wonderful talented
    Women. All the women
    represented are to be looked up
    to and applauded. Thanks for
    showing off their talents!..
    love the guys but, equal air
    time is good!

  7. Great post and not only is Mariette Himes Gomez a great designer but she designs a great furniture line for Hickory Chair too!

  8. Renee – I was just checking your beautiful work – your vote counts twice. And that pumpkin – I can’t stop thinking about it.

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