A Prize of Your Own

Remember Steve Rogers and his booth Prize?

Seems I’m not the only one cleaning house.

Once a year Steve cleans out his inventory so he can begin the hunt again.

And, if you’re in town, you’re in luck.  

Steve’s sale is Friday and Saturday from 9 – 4.

85th  & Nall.  Look for the yellow signs.
Will I be there?  With bells on, darling.
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22 thoughts on “A Prize of Your Own

  1. Do you have a U-haul? I would not be able to walk away empty handed, even in this time of economic bail-out. Prize possessions to be had over there.

  2. I can’t get over the number of wonderful shops that are accessible to you in the big city. Tempting, of course, but so much fun as well! His wares look marvelous!

  3. Patricia – I’m a wreck that I did not title the post Prize Possessions – so much better. I’ll let you guys know if I pick anything up.

  4. Oh that looks like heaven. Too bad im in NY! Have loads of fun and get lots of goodies. Remember to post pics when you get back!


  5. FYI: What a terrific and funny and charming essay re nurseries and children and parenthood (couldn’t find the comment spot for it). Thank you and bravo.

  6. Patricia,
    I am reading and re-reading this post which I love.
    You capture the beauty and the power in words that only a mother can exude. This should be a book.
    I will use that line on every one of your posts.

  7. Why aren’t you submitting your posted articles to magazines (Real Simple, Cookie, Wondertime, etc.)? Personally, I love reading them for free, but why shouldn’t YOU get paid?? Sheesh.

  8. Anon – rampant and unchecked insecurity mostly. I just had someone the other day say, “So you are basically just waiting for a national magazine to ask you for an article?” Hmmm…that does seem unlikely. Two more at least then I promise I’ll send something into the real world. Thanks for reading.

  9. Mrs. B,
    Forgive me; it has been months since I last commented on your entries. Yet, I still visit, enjoy, and recommend you to pals.

    And because I enjoy your writings/pictures so, I have roped you into this game of blog tag that is going ’round by including a link to your blog in the “six blogs I enjoy” portion of my post. It probably won’t cause that national magazine to come knocking, but does indicate my sincere respect.

    Carry on…I’m off to browse Mary’s Tablescapes (online, natch).

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