This is the House the Blandings Built

This is the zinc chest that came from Steve Rogers that freed up the table.

This is the table that moved to the kitchen to hold the lamp.

This is the lamp that moved from the radiator to sit on the table.

This is the lamp that came from Christopher’s to replace the lamp that moved to the table.

This is the base of the lamp from Christopher’s that resembles the pup who lights up the room.

That lay in the house the Blandings built.
Shade hunt starts today!
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27 thoughts on “This is the House the Blandings Built

  1. I have a floor lamp that was a wedding present to my parents. It has an outsized central 3 way bulb in the center (which by the way I found at Walmart!) that is in a glass bowl (I don’t know the technical name for it) and three lower bulbs. This is a beautiful lamp with a marble base and fluted pole. My dog jumped in the chair next to it in a frenzy b/c a dog was walking past her house and she knocked it over and broke both the bowl and the shade. Not an easy thing to fix. My sister-in-law found the replacement bowl and I finally found a shade at Home Goods. They have interesting and unusual things.

  2. Rosie, looks like you have it made in the shade.
    Love black shades or something neutral….
    What about green grosgrain trimming the top and bottom edge of an ivory shade, like a collar.

  3. aw Patricia… I love your style. 🙂 Steve Rogers is such a great resource, I’m happy you use him. I particularly love your zinc table. What a find!!!!

    Gorgeous… as expected. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Patricia, I want your sofa! I cannot quit thinking about a sofa in ticking stripe, it’s become an absurd obsession. Where did you get yours (email me)? I adore your house and your pup. My girls would have a blast with him (they think they are mini-boxers). As always love seeing the house that the Blandings built!

  5. Very exciting to see where you decided to put that great table. I will take a photo of the lamp I got at Steve Roger’s Sale and have it on my blog later today!

  6. you are so clever. love this post. so, wait, i want to see photos of the zinc chest in place, it went where the table is now?

    i’m having kc real estate pangs again. sigh. detached garages, beautiful door hardware. i almost don’t care if the nearest body of water is meyer circle fountain.

    rosie…sweet rosie.

  7. That zinc table is wonderful, and I love the base of the light that matches the dog (who is adorable, by the way) that lights up your life. Another clever post.

    Sheila (who has the reminder of her neighbor’s boxer Samanta on the front a wardrobe that Sam decided to lick when the piece was being moved by the movers. Sam could go into furniture refinishing with that tongue, but I still love her and laugh at the mark!)

  8. Oh I am lusting after that zinc cabinet! I just finished Anne deCourcey’s bio of Snowdon. How did you like the one of Mitford?

  9. Clever post Patricia! I think I might have to add Rosie’s picture to my bulletin board over my desk. She’s just too cute!

  10. So, sorry, I’ve been at school all morning. Thanks for all your nice comments on the kitchen and darling Rosie.

    Megan – I’m using it as a bedside table as the round one was abysmal in this location. No shots of the Blandings’ bedroom as it is the step-child of the rest of the house. Age-old linens (not in a good way) hand me down furniture, all kinds of ick. It remains on the back burner until the “upturn” I fear.

    Ms. Wis – have not started de Coursey’s book yet; it was a thoughtful loan from a friend who understands the obsession. I’ll keep you posted.

    And, Queen, the b/w ticking is from a wholesale fabric dealer her in town – Richelin Fabrics in North Kansas City. Nothing fancy, but great prices.

  11. Jennifer – you are reminding me that I want to have her “portrait” done for Christmas. She’d be so flattered to be on your bulletin board.

  12. Here’s our quick tale:

    This is the swatch of fabric that led to recovering the dining room chairs …

    That led to the dark gold paint from Laura Ashley on the walls …

    That led to purchase of the brass chandelier (which may be painted to dark bronze soon) …

    That led to the new dining room china cabinet from Henredon …

    And the dark gold and plum rug from a sale at Home Depot Expo …

    Which finally led to my DH who refers to all fabric swatches as “EVIL” …

    ((Just adore darling Rosie — whose sweet face really should be on a portrait!))

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage where the tale is never-ending and whose motto should be “Rotate and Re-Organize” ((but after cocktails of course!))

  13. What a treat to read your witty , clever writing everyday. Love the pics of your family room and especially beautiful Rosie. What a soulful face she has!

  14. Ally – Thanks! Actually, I had them made. They are wool felt and I took pictures of each of the boys in profile and then enlarged them to the size I wanted. Then I cut out the silhouette and had pillows made – they are appliqued on the top. I had the back piece embroidered with their names and the year. The other two sit in each of the leather chairs.

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