Trick or Treat

It’s been quite a week.  (I’ve been recently accused of being obsessed with myself, so be forewarned, this is all about me.)  Last Saturday, the youngest Blandings took a tumble at soccer and broke his clavicle.  That graceful sweeping collarbone on the left of your screen is the healthy one; the wretched angle on the right of the screen is the source of a very tough go.  We are both on the mend but are in agreement that skeletons can be scary.

We’d been reading Charlotte’s Web and Wilbur offered some solace during the worst of the discomfort.  Almost simultaneously, this monstrous spider appeared by the light by the front step.  

She’s really, really big.  And clever.  When you exit the front door she scampers up her web into the black fixture and you can barely see her.

I went around from the back to get a picture for the boys as they have yet to glimpse her up close.  The eldest took the picture to school and came home declaring her an American House Spider.  She is welcome to live on the outside of this American house, but is not invited in regardless of her seasonal appeal.

During the convalescence, mail delivery took on a new meaning.  I always feel like the mail carrier is Santa Claus and never understand folks who are not johnny-on-the-spot when he or she arrives.  This week I was so excited to receive the pictures from the Anthony Bourdain event, but once I’d opened the envelope I was horrified.  Above, me and Mr. B.  Lovely, fine.  Enjoying our evening.  Nice.

And then, here I am beaming at my brush with celebrity.  Yikes, how awful.  I look like I am preparing for a dental exam.  Fairly bursting with excitement.  I look like I might break something.  Or, as Mr. Blandings said, “wet myself.”  Then look at Bourdain.  Pleasant.  Obviously looking over the head of the photographer for the closest waiter.  On the right is Darren Mark, the consummate gentleman, who agreed to be photographed with me as I was too shy to go alone.  Darren is a fellow writer at Spaces and interviewed Bourdain for the last issue.  As we neared my prey I pretended to let him off the hook, “You don’t have to go with me if you don’t want to.”  “Really? Great!”  “No, not really.”  Thank heavens he did.  Clearly I needed a chaperone.  Or a mask.

Enough tricks, here’s the treat.  You might have seen it already as it was originally spied by Renee Finberg, I believe on a recent trip to Maine.  A chinoiserie pumpkin.  I simply adore this.  If I could do it myself, surely I would save my talents for something more permanent.  Or, if I could do this it wouldn’t matter because then I could do it on darn near anything.  But I can’t, so I will need to limit myself to jagged triangle eyes and trying to keep myself from eating all the Snickers before Halloween.
Bourdain photos courtesy of ShotBee.
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41 thoughts on “Trick or Treat

  1. Yikes!! So sorry to hear about your son. And your spider!! Horrific.

    Loved seeing the pics of you and Mr. B!

    Love that huge white pumpkin.

    Beautiful post as always.

  2. Do hope the wee one is on the mend and that you both have a shining weekend. Your dentist must be proud of your pearly whites, that is before all the snickers. Me, I love the smarties.

  3. I hope Jake’s pain will continue to decrease. Looks like the Blandings house got a very cool Halloween accessory after all.
    I’m just viewing this on a tiny screen — my phone — but you look so chic in those Chinese beads. And I like your smile.

  4. You and Mr. Blandings look divine!! I adore your lovely ensemble!! Chic and so classic.

    BUT most of all, I love your humor……so very delightful! What a great start to my day!

    BTW…Mr. Bourdain is a hunk!

  5. Sorry about the broken clavicle – ouch. We have a sprained thumb from high school volleyball at our house!

    Re: the photos. You are the cutest thing! Aren’t we always so critical of ourselves? Your photo just makes you human like the rest of us. I think you look very pretty and happy and like someone I’d like to have met at that party! Thanks for another great post this Friday morning.

  6. One more thing – we are watching the biggest spider weave a web between the screen and window in our master bedroom! It is most amazing. When I read Charlotte’s Web to my girls, I cried when Charlotte died. So sad. I can’t think of a rat without thinking “Templeton”.I love that you are enjoying this time in your life with those boys – it goes so quickly, though some days it doesn’t seem so!

  7. hill country house girl – so sorry about the thumb! That was my fourth reading of Charlotte’s Web and of course I cried when Charlotte died. I can barely get through the sentence about not seeing her babies in the spring.

  8. Hey Mrs. B! Mo here. I read Darren’s article about the Bourdain event in Spaces. I read it while at the dentist office. I hate to think what the dentist would charge me to get a smile like yours! The pics are great… I miss Darren and Kansas City Live. He did some very nice spots from the Belger while the show was on the air. The arts don’t get much local coverage on tv, so those spots were greatly appreciated… I also read your article in that same issue of Spaces. I wasn’t at the dentist that long, but it was Sedation Dentistry and apparently I shoplift magazines when I’m Under the Influence! Your bro in KC,MO

  9. I hope your son gets on the mend quickly! That spider..YIKES! but..pretty cool.. and..OMG! Anthony Bourdain!!! I love him and his shows..You look totally fine in the picture with him! I think my teeth would literall fall out if I got that close to him!! You and Mr. Blandings look great! You make a very handsome couple!I love your outfit, and that necklace, it really suits you. Have a Great Weekend!

  10. Mrs.Blandings,
    My husband broke his shoulder (blade) in January, not much they can do for a broken bone in the collar/shoulder… so sorry.
    That spider made his home just in time for Halloween!
    Your necklace is beautiful.
    If you wanna feel better about your picture with Mr.Bourdain, go back to my post of the Daytime Emmy Awards and check out my picture with Susan Lucci, you will feel MUCH better about yourself, I can promise that!

  11. Mo – Great to hear from you – hope all is well. Yes, I think lots of folks miss Darren and that extra bit of local coverage. I’m lucky I get to run into him – he’s a delight.

  12. Erika – Thought your Emmy pics were great – I remember it like it was yesterday. Just got my issue of Spaces and they used that picture. Serves me right. Thanks for Jake’s well wishes – he’s reveling in the attention.

  13. we get these HUGE spiders every fall. just for a month . but they’re so big they would make your house spider, cry like a baby. you walk out of the house in the morning and into a giant web. we know it’s one of our few signs that fall has arrived.

  14. Love the picture with you and Mr. B…..he is one fine looking man! You just look thrilled to be standing next to him…I’m envious!
    I have started making my silhouette pillow of the grand daughter and I’m so torn between solid fabric with the ribbon trim like yours or I bought a beige and black small check and some brush trim in beige and black. I can’t decide if it’s going to be too busy….but the actual silhouette came great. I’m excited to get it finished…Thanks for the inspiration…Sue.

  15. Mrs B,
    1)So sorry about your little one- hope he’s all better very, very soon.
    2) You and Mr B are adorable and elegant! Love the beads!!!
    3)Anthony Bourdain- HOT!
    4) White pumpkin- gloriously elegant!

  16. You and the hudband look fab! I love your necklace. Beautiful picture.

    Hope your son is better soon.

  17. Megan – I’ve walked through a couple of webs like that and it always makes me jump around and shake my head – terrified Charlotte or her cousin has ended up in my hair.

  18. you are toooooo sweet !!
    that is the greatest pumkin ever.

    they have boat races in that little town in hollowed out giant pumkins.
    it is truly a hoot !!!

  19. 1) OUCH! I hope he is quickly on the mend!
    2) Oh Stop! You look absolutley LOVELY in BOTH pictures! The hair looks bit darker! Is it the photo? No matter….My first thought was, it looks fabulous!
    3) My daughter would refuse to live in our house if that spider were allowed to exist within 200 yds.
    4)A perfect “Great Pumpkin”!

  20. So sorry about your son — hope he mends quickly! Love to hear that you are reading together — makes wonderful memories for everyone! Honey — your smile is fabulous and your hubby is way cute! And that pumpkin would make a wonderful display in front of a china shop! Can you imagine a row of those pumpkins (but much smaller of course!) surrounded by gorgeous blue-and-white china? Hmmm … I wonder if the painter could do other china patterns? How about black-and-white transferware?

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage who has a terrible smile — either I look like a drooling idiot or a tight-lipped old fraud in photos ….

  21. Bourdain is hot, let me just get that off my chest.

    You look adorable and I love the necklace.

    I have a picture of me with Simon LeBon that’s Horrid with a capitol H. I’m all sweaty (from the concert) and it looks like I’m trying to push my teeth out of my mouth. Ick.

  22. Mrs. B,
    So sorry about the little one!
    You are amazing to take the time to blog for all of us!
    As for you and the other Mr. B, you look wonderful! What gal wouldn’t be pee-ing her pants!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing the photos, even if you think you look goofy, which you do NOT!!!!
    The pumpkin is to die for!!!! Now that’s a decor addict for sure doing that!
    And just try to keep a house spider out of the house ha ha! I swear they sneak in while we are asleep at night, weave their webs, and laugh when we shoo them away, just waiting for nightfall again.
    xo xo xo
    PS YOUR Mr. B is dashing!

  23. Mrs. B: Yikes!! My SO broke his collarbone and can not stand touching it all these years later. That X-Ray set my teeth on edge! Poor little guy!

    Great photo of gorgeous you and debonair Mr. Blandings. Bourdain is such a ham. I’d think he’d be very down to earth. Love his catty comments.

    The pumpkins are really ingenious, but I agree. I’d not want to go to that much trouble on a temporary canvas.

    Glad you let Charlotte live….they are VERY beneficial!

  24. halcyon – so glad I did not show you the image of the “bump.” That is really giving me the heebie-jeebies. Bourdain was truly great – very gracious with all the restaurant folks, some of whom you had the feeling had saved their tips in a jar to pay for the ticket. They were 5 deep around him all night.

  25. Looking good with Mr. Bourdain! (I love your necklace too–a post on your source, perhaps?)

    Scary spiders and broken bones–I hope everyone in your family stays safe and gets well soon.

  26. Gadzooks…the mom DNA totally took over, and I recoiled and exclaimed at the same time. Called spouse over to look so that he could also exclaim (he did), and then we had fun discovering together that picture of you with Anthony Bourdain.

    But my thoughts are with you and your son, who is Some Kid and who will pull through just fine. 🙂 Charlotte is a fine choice. Then go to The Phantom Tollbooth. I really, really wish I had known it as a child.

  27. Hope the littlest B is doing as well as can be expected.

    You look great! Never underestimate the power of a megawatt smile. Enthusiasm is contagious.

    And don’t you think that a pumpkin would be a great place to practice your hand at a little Chinoiserie?

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