It’s a Mystery

This now-discontinued fabric is repeated in Mrs. A’s apartment.  Two of us had the pattern on the tips of our tongues, but cannot recall the name or the manufacturer.  You’re such a wealth of information.  Does anyone know?

Postscript:  A savvy reader has emailed me to say that this is Christopher Hyland’s Cherubs.  Many, many thanks.
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4 thoughts on “It’s a Mystery

  1. I’m going to give a wild guess here … It looks like one of the Bloomsbury reproductions launched in 1987 by Laura Ashley, doesn’t it? I have a feeling I’m wrong but it reminds me of that collection.

  2. A computer illiterate person – here. I do know this fabric and have tried to respond to this 3 times over the past few days. Here goes again. The pattern is called “Cherubs” and was designed by Kim Bentley and Sally Spence for Christopher Hyland. I believe the fabric came out in 1990. I can understand the comments above as it does seem as if it could have been designed by Vanessa Bell or reinterpeted by Laura Ashley.

    I am not Connor (he’s my 16 year old son) but in my attempts to post this, I have previously changed the posting identity and my comments have disappeared into blogging oblivion!

    S. Adler

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