Speaking of Dogs

Last month Courtney Barnes and Jennifer Dwyer were featured in Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles.  When Courtney posted the image of the cover I thought, “Hey, that’s Roxy!”

The small sculpture on the end table is by Tom Corbin, a Kansas City artist.  Corbin lives not far from me and I have the pleasure of running into his lovely wife quite often.  On occasion she has their Standard Poodle, Roxy, with her.  They have a wonderful piece, “Woman Walking,” in their garden and Rosie and I admire her on our walks.

I then spied another Corbin piece in Southern Accents November/December issue.  While I’ve singled out the smaller pieces, much of Corbin’s work is quite large, in fact, life sized.

Still, I have a weakness for the smaller works.  The study, Girl with Purse II, is my current crush.  To see more of Corbin’s work tick here; he is widely represented throughout the states including Holly Hunt in both Chicago and New York and Jerry Pair in Atlanta.
A bit of trivia, though I have never seen it, I know many of you are fans of the interiors in the film A Perfect Murder.  Apparently one of Corbin’s pieces was used in the sets.  That’s my kind of “I spy.”
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11 thoughts on “Speaking of Dogs

  1. His work would fit in so nicely at the Blandings’.

    The dogs you are highlighting this week are hard to resist, and it seems Kansas City is at the center of things in more ways than one.

  2. Courtney – That Corbin’s sculpture would be at home here is such a compliment! KC does seem to have a certain something.

  3. Oh my goodness, what a fine gift one of those would be from such a gifted Sculptor. I do believe that you need that gal, in a houseful of boys. Holidays are rolling round and wishes can come true!

  4. Tom’s work is truely amazing! I have a few of his smaller pieces but my real crush is on
    “The Conversation.” His sconces are also wonderful. Thanks for the post.

  5. my best friend has 2 standard poodles.
    i am definately passing his name on.
    she will love the poodle you posted.

    take care

  6. I have always loved Tom Corbin’s work and have gone to see it at The Kansas City Artist’s Coalition. Then it is so fun to open a favorite magazine and spot one of his sculptures!

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