I May Need an Intervention

At a holiday party recently I had the interesting experience of meeting someone who was a bit too deep into a controlled substance.  The outer limit of my experimentation has been tequila so I’m always intrigued, and a little scared to be honest, to see someone a bit off his rocker.  I had two distinct thoughts.  The first, “If I ever try that every one else in the room has to do it too as it is not attractive.” And, “Why in the world would one even start?”
I’m often tumbled off my high horse and just this week have realized I might have a bit of a problem myself.  Holly Becker of decor8 made a brief recommendation for Isaac Mizrahi’s video blog and I am finding myself at my desk entranced, shouting over my shoulder at the boys, “Can’t you get it yourself?  I’m busy.”  In addition, I have a well-stocked supply of chocolate covered almonds in the house which leads to double indulgence.
Just try it.  Just one.  It won’t hurt a bit – it’s fun.  C’mon, everyone’s doing it.
Image, above, courtesy of the Well-Lived Life, Dominque Browning.  By the way, Ms. Browning, were this to ever come your way I just want you to know how much I miss your writing.  
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12 thoughts on “I May Need an Intervention

  1. You are totally right, he is strangely addicting. I’ve been sitting here watching all his little videos and the genius part is they all roll right into each other so you feel like you can’t stop watching… my question is who’s behind the camera with that hilarious cackle? Wow…

  2. Oh, I shouldn’t, someone has to stay behind to pull you back when you decide to lift yourself from addiction. I will have the canapes ready! An intervention is still a party…

  3. Adrienne – it’s one of those things where you think he’d be your friend if you only had the chance to meet. It would be even better to have the camera man there as he seems to be having so much fun, too.

  4. Hostess – you’re too kind. I’ll try not to be too disheveled. Isaac would be a bit disappointed if I wasn’t wearing chic shoes.

  5. OMG. The closet. The belts. The oranges. I love this man.

    I went to launch party for his talk show a million years ago and was lucky enough to nab two of the totebags…they are fabulously huge. I use one of them to store fabrics and current fabricy projects.

  6. Therapy – I know. The closet thing – I feel exactly the same way (which is why we would be friends) life is too short to spend time cleaning out your closets. Except, of course, if you had a custom Marc Jacobs belt in it. Then, maybe I would get around to cleaning it out. Now I’m frantic to build my inspiration board and cannot get the images to load. As if blogger weren’t enough of a headache.

  7. I miss Isaac’s TV show! Why did it go away??? I agree, Mr. Mizrahi, is a genius in pulling you in! He does seem like someone you could easily be friends with, Patricia!

    Intervention……you are so funny!

  8. Mimilee – it’s like the show. It’s just like the show, except maybe better. And, thank you for thinking we could be friends; it might be the ultimate compliment.

  9. Patricia, I ran across the same thing, so enamored of his site! I could not load the images to the Inspiration Board. If you figure it out please let me know.

  10. I loved the storage closet video. I sent it to an organizer friend of mine. The belts, the sporran, the call for an assistant to clean it all up. He’s a scream! And, he totally seems like a bff-type!

  11. Oh, it is like the TV show, but better…..you are so right, Patricia!

    Thanks so much for giving me another addiction on the computer! My hubby will be so glad! LOL!

    Isaac is just the cutest! He would be a dream friend, wouldn’t he! What a hoot he is!

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