Longing, Heartbreak and Redemption – Sort of

When I saw the First Lady’s ensemble yesterday I thought first, “Fabulous!” and then “Eureka!”  the perfect post for today as I have an old layout of Isabel and Ruben Toledo’s loft.  

No, not the one from the Times.  I had originally thought House & Garden, but in examining the fonts (desperate and crazed people do these kind of things) I thought not.  Vogue, maybe.  But the long and short of it was that I could only find this one page.  This one tattered page that I had kept in a separate file because she is wearing a pair of Ted Muehling earrings that I am quite sure I would wear every day if I owned them.  I searched for hours.  Well, a really long time.  

So I cannot offer you what I was sure would be the Holy Grail of design blog/fashion connection.  Instead, I will send you to Vogue for the slide show of another designing couple, Alexandra and Michael Misczynski and hope for better blog karma tomorrow.
The New York Times images are available through the Times, Habitually Chic and Apartment Therapy.
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12 thoughts on “Longing, Heartbreak and Redemption – Sort of

  1. this article is from harpers bazaar. that is a wonderful loft. isabel toledo’s husband ruben does the illustrations for the nordstrom ads, and the louis vuitton carnet de voyage for new york and the travel guides.

  2. Great minds think a like! I also posted a spread from the Toledo’s home that I had saved and loved from New York Magazine. The tear sheets that you have posted are from Harper’s Bazaar.

  3. The Misczynski slideshow of their family and design work is perfect! Then Isabel, what can I say, what a talented beauty!

  4. I love this post! And I love The First Lady’s coat and dress (and shoes and gloves).
    Please go to my blog and leave me a message on one of the Obama posts.
    I’m using those posts as my archive and scrapbook, a memory poem to the day, and I would so much love if you would be a part of it.
    xo xo

  5. dear mrs blandings, i have that magazine, but i still have to unearth it. i could mail it to you. my email should be on the comments form. you could write me your add. and i just want to write that as a child, i loved the mr. blandings movie ,and watched it repeatedly. your posts are eloquent and evocative, keep them coming.

  6. Patricia, Thank you for the link to the Miscyznkis – they are probably the nicest people on the planet, very understated and so talented. EEE

  7. This post is just great!!! If you do get that “karma”…pass it my way…please!!! I have had blogger’s block for a while here!!

    Love your blog!

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