Pop Quiz – 8

For those of you who are new to the neighborhood, every now and then I toss out a little pop quiz.
I post images from a vintage design magazine in the morning, see if anyone can guess the designer (someone almost always does,) then come back later in the day with more recent images and the answer.
The winner, as you may remember, gets the satisfaction of a job well done.  The knowledge that he or she has triumphed over other savvy blog readers.
I won’t post any comments until later in the morning so that it doesn’t spoil the fun.  Doesn’t spoil my fun.
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11 thoughts on “Pop Quiz – 8

  1. I’m afraid to guess a designer for this one but the leaning frames — art propped against the wall — I wonder if that offers a clue to the decade?

  2. I don’t have a positive guess, however I love those candlesticks on the mantle and can see them for an outdoor setting as well. Maybe David Jimenez?

  3. Anon – interesting. The magazine lists it at Sofield’s alone; could we have been so backwards as recently as ’93?

  4. Well, my memory isn’t what it use to be, but I distinctly remember that the curtains in the 1st photo were cashmere!

  5. Those pieces are Kuba cloths from the Kuba peoples of the Congo. They are made out of cut pile raffia and were used for dance skirts, prestige and currency.

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