Silver Lining

I was just talking about Gio Ponti and here he is on the pages of Western Interiors. Ponti and Christofle’s design director, Tony Bouilhet, collaborated for nearly fifty years (1928 -78.) Some of the twenty-five pieces were never produced, but Christofle is introducing a collection of Ponti’s work. I checked the site and did not find them yet. Stay tuned.

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11 thoughts on “Silver Lining

  1. hey diddle diddle, the fork and the spoon could run away here any ole time. love the clean lines.
    they remind me of the “Shaker” silver.

  2. I love Gio Ponti, and he is so undervalued. I used his work as the inspiration for a school project, and not one designer in the class had ever heard of him. Boo.

  3. i do really love contemp flatwear and serving pieces .

    these are exceptional.

    i have been busy and haven’t been by.
    i have missed your post !

  4. Hi!

    I actually work with Christofle and, whilst the Gio Ponti Collection is not featured on the website (yet), it actually debuted in September 2009. It’s a fantastic collection and I love the positive response.
    Many of the pieces are in first-time-production, having been created from Ponti’s archives.
    I’ve got a lot more information if you’re interested.

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