Vintage Seals the Deal

Courtney Barnes of Style Court posted a while back on repurposing a piece of your grandmother’s needlepoint to add a soulful touch to modern digs.  While going through the House & Gardens I ran across this charming vignette from Annie Selke from July 2006.  The hooked fan pillow is particularly charming.  While not your grandmother’s, it gives a new room additional vintage charm.  It appears the pillow is still part of Selke’s collection through Dash and Albert.

There were several other elements of this home that would be inexpensive ways to freshen up.  Lusterware plates like these can be found at several of the antique malls here in Kansas City.
In addition, there are currently framed, pressed botanicals at Pear Tree, Curious Sofa and Christopher Filley’s.  While not quite as inexpensive as the plates, Selke does a nice job with this arrangement by using just one.  One might be in the budget.

The same could be said of the butterfly print on the table, above.  A framed print on an easel might just brighten up a tired tablescape.

And, while slightly more ambitious, the craftiest among you could reproduce the bamboo below the chair rail from Selke’s dining room.

The bathtub, sadly, may cost more than my car, but that glimpse of white wicker?  The vintage mirror?  These as well as the light fixture and portrait can easily be found in one trip River Market Antiques or something similar in your town.  Keep the backgrounds clean and fresh, as Selke has done here, and these inexpensive, vintage pieces will shine like treasures.
Dash and Albert available in town at Stuff in Brookside.  By the way, I have not torn one page from the stack of House & Gardens.  I just keep pulling them out and saying, “Oh!  Oh, yes, I loved this one,” and then putting them back on the shelf.  Photography on the images above Andrew Bordwin.
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27 thoughts on “Vintage Seals the Deal

  1. start tearin’, mrs b!

    or not- i know just how it is… i have my subscription decor magazines i can tear from without a qualm (4- not that i do much tearing from these- i probably shouldn’t even subscribe), the ones that give me pause before i rip (2) and the ones i want to hold intact forever (3). HG is not on any list because it is out of publication, and therefore a collectors item.

    i have a sickness, and need a 12 step program before i am the crazy old man who lives in a house full of stacks of magazines.

  2. I love having something sentimental around me. I think of the person or story behind it and like it all the more!

    (Do you give your scanner a workout? I’m giggling at the fact that you stock pile the magazines like me!)

  3. Love that bathtub — would look perfect at Linderhof! Loved your blog today about one or two little vintage items giving such charm to a room!


  4. Patricia — you are the keeper of the H & G flame.

    I have to admit I'd forgotten about this spread. The dining room wall covering is really dramatic and I love your suggestions for repurposing old things. Waste not, want not.

  5. Darling M, I, too, tear a lot, but this little stack has taken on new meaning as there are no more. Someday I may find the courage.

  6. GrannySmithGreen – yes, I’d rather have family pieces, too, but sometimes one’s family does not cooperate. Andy, yes, I think my scanner feels as if it has a lot of job security.

  7. I really enjoy reading your blog. Is there any way to find out who designed the chairs in the third photograph? They’re exactly what I’ve been searching for!

  8. I love this post today, Mrs. B….because I think I have a little toooooooo many vintage pieces around. This has inspired me to rid myself of some and have a cleaner look but still enjoy some pieces of sentimental value! Great post and thanks for enlightening me today!! I will have to admit, like maison, I have way too many magazines and most of them need to go!!!

  9. I’m with David on LOVING those dining room chairs . . . and starting to be fascinated by the idea of that bamboo chair railing. Mmmmmmmmm.


  10. why, why, why did House and Garden go under? I loved Dominique Brownings’ comments in each issue, and both of her autobiographical books as well…Thanks for sharing your collection with us!

  11. Courtney – I love your blog and have been reading it for more than a year. I am finally jumping in to the blogoshpere. I have always admired Annie Selke’s diningroom in this article. I am not totally convinced that the bamboo is real -Stark sells a wallpaper that looks just like it. So, be it real or not, for those not crafty, the bamboo can be replicated with wallpaper!

  12. Oh, I do hate to be the bearer of bad news. The upholstered pieces that are in the article are Selke’s designs for Lee Industries. While that particular collection does not exist, there are similar pieces. 3916-01 is close to the dining chair, though this model has a rolled arm and I don’t know if it is possible to customize this piece. Selke has a new line through Vanguard that is lovely.

  13. Mrs. B–How can I get my husband to be OK with hanging plates on the wall. He is a firm believer that plates belong on the table and likes to remind me frequently! I love the look though, especially in a kitchen or breakfast room!

  14. I’m afraid I’m in the same boat as MIMILEE, but your advice to keep the backgrounds clean and fresh and then introduce one or two vintage pieces is inspiring.

    The task before me is too daunting to contemplate.

  15. well, saw this post in a.m. and have been thinking of it all day…the mark of great yumminess, not being able to get the good pics out of head! such amazing editing, such fabulous design, such lovely thoughts…so very Mrs. B.

  16. Oh, the bathroom…I love it! My Master bath does not have a tub!! Can you believe it. Remodeling would be so extensive…right now I just can’t imagine the torture. Looking at such beautiful bath posts helps abit, but the green eyes monster also raises her ugly Medusa head!!

  17. the oversized upholstered- top ottoman/ coffee table shown in one of these photos…might that be Annie Selke too, or do you know the source ? Love it!

  18. the oversized upholstered- top ottoman/ coffee table shown in one of these photos…might that be Annie Selke too, or do you know the source ? Love it!

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