Bread or Basalt?

Remember that little Wedgwood bowl I stumbled upon at the River Market Antique Mall?

I thought it might be a good way to start a collection.  

Then, while hunting and gathering last week I popped in to see Don Fields and Rick Bumgardner at Morning Glory Antiques.

You know how collectors are.  They troll and search and bargain and buy and then, well, then the thrill is somehow gone.  

And one is simply left with dozens and dozens of pieces of amazing Wedgwood.

I haven’t touched base with Rick as they are just getting ready to unveil a new shipment, but a little bird told me that this is his collection spilling from shelves and tabletops in the shop.

It’s tempting isn’t it?

To build a collection in one fell swoop.

The basalt – the all black pieces? “Wrap it up!”  Oh, don’t I wish.

I’m restraining myself.  Like Meg, I’m focusing on the essentials.

Stick around.

You know me.

This just might be essential.
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20 thoughts on “Bread or Basalt?

  1. Hi, I love your blog, I just wanted to make sure that you knew that authentic Wedgwood doesn’t have the ‘e’. I am only mentioning it because there is knock off Wedgwood, that is spelled Wedgewood.

  2. I just took a few pieces to a local consignment shop in an effort to edit and de-clutter and then your post was like someone kicking me under the table. Ouch.

    I have one I love from my Great Aunt Louise, a green ground with an Indian. I love the green and then oh that black Jasperware – now that leaves me green with envy.

  3. Patricia — I’m such a fan of the white silhouetted against a darker ground. What a treat to see this range of colors in one place.

  4. I know we are all cutting back and curbing the “collecting” …..but we could celebrate that which we have ! I would love for people to post pictures of their collections and then link to them…….I don’t have the following to ask for that – but YOU do. Just a thought. (like Treasures Tuesdays)

  5. Being the fan of yellow that you are, who would love that lamp more than you. Light is essential, say on your desk. Maybe a little basalt piece to hold pens and pencils. Just a thought.

  6. I’m going to have dreams about that collection, especially that black and yellow lamp. They even have my favorite crimson color too. It hurts me to think about it!

  7. ooh – wouldn’t the basalt pieces make great accessories for holding cotton balls and Q-tips in a bathroom – uber chic. Patrica, you’re also making me rethink silver – which I have always been lukewarm to… EEE

  8. First, thanks for the shout!

    Second, my bro-in-law has a collection of Wedgwood Egyptianware, which is the black with orange figures. It’s stunning!

  9. I’m not sure I could do anything in one fell swoop. I’d be tempted to undo it in the same manner.

    I’d start with a basalt piece or that wonderful urn with the yellowish stripes over the black ground and white figures…

  10. Patricia – sounds like you have kept the very best. You, remember, are a better editor than I.

    Martha – it’s in the State Line district – right down from Suzanne Cooper and Christopher.

    Mary – I’m a terrible collector, but I’ll see what I can do!

    David – I do like the way you think.

    Bean – I know how you feel. I’m quite sure I need at least a couple pieces.

    Karena – like Easter, no?

    Emily – can’t imagine I’m influencing you – it’s always the other way around.

    Meg – good taste runs in the family – it sounds so dramatic.

    Chris – it’s hard to make the first pick. The urn would be a good one. The biscuit barrels, while no basalt, are particularly appealing.

  11. i started collecting the black jasperware for about 5 minutes, until i realized i could never afford the BIG pieces i coveted. still love it though, and your post has me wondering if it’s time to start up collecting again! 😉

  12. Darling M – your jasperware collection sounds like my creamware collection. This will be slow going for now as we have grown accustomed to things like food.

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