A Dozen Eggs

Two eggs with toast.

Heirloom eggs.

Farm fresh egg.

Green egg, no ham.

Egg white.

Robin’s Egg.

Easter egg.

Extra-large egg.


Egg substitute.
Images of Arne Jacobsen’s Egg chairs from top: with toast, design by Lee Mindel, Elle Decor, Dec. 06, photography William Waldron; heirloom, home of Mr. & Mrs. Otto Preminger as featured in the book, “My Favorite Things” by Dorothy Rogers; farm fresh, Design Within Reach advertisement; green,  Apartment of Alexis and Oren Glick, design by Roseann Repetti, Met Home, Sept. 08, photography by Peter Murdock; white, Metropolitan Home, Nov. 08, photography Antoine Bootz; robin’s, courtesy of Hive Modern, Easter, courtesy of This Next, fabric Todd Boontje; extra-large, courtesy of the House of Beauty and Culture; beluga, Thomas O’Brien, House & Garden, Nov. 07, photography Martyn Thompson; substitute (which are minatures,) courtesy of Apartment Therapy.
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25 thoughts on “A Dozen Eggs

  1. lol…cute post. I love them all! Have you seen the limited edition eggs that came out last year? All sold out already, but some are to be found lurking on auction sites. Leather, suede and bronze. My favorite kind of egg. YUM!

  2. I first read this very early this morning before heading to the gym- I smiled all the way there~ Thank you for the sunny start to my day- over easy~

  3. Mrs. B–you are getting good! Now, I am really starting to love your blog-keep it up. This was a perfect post. Congratulations.

  4. So glad you all enjoyed this. It was great fun -but it took a million times longer to find the chairs than I thought!

  5. HA!
    In the photo of the Glicks apartment, in the tv is an image of alexis glick, an intentional publicity stunt perpertrated by her lecherous husband oren no doubt because if she runs out of money, he cant hack it in the real world.
    hope one of their brats pisses in that chair.

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