NYGF Dog Love

I missed the boys while I was in New York, of course, but I was also missing my lollipup.  Rosie and I actually spend more time together than I spend with the rest of my family.  And she’s always happy to see me.  And she never rolls her eyes.

So I was doubly delighted to come across Pillow Pillow Pillow.

Designed by Aaron Stewart, who graduated with honors from Parsons with a degree in illustration and animation, these creatures charm and enchant.  The original collection was based on dogs Stewart has known, but now Pillow Pillow Pillow encourages you to submit a picture of your dog to serve as a potential muse.

The dogs are a product of Hornet, Inc., which produces the work of directors who toil in a variety of media.  Hornet Toys gives these guys and gals an outlet for their creativity beyond their regular jobs.  All the dogs and doggie bags are made in Brooklyn.  And (you didn’t see this coming did you) Stewart is from Wichita, Kansas.  Product of the Heartland.  
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11 thoughts on “NYGF Dog Love

  1. So cute. I love the totes. I’m glad you enjoyed your time in NY. Can’t wait to read more about your finds at the gift show.

  2. It’s all about “puttin on the dog”
    see my post today, “love me, love my dog.”
    My kids say the dog loves me the most.

  3. I spy a Westie one! ! ! (speaking of… some little westie boy is rudely pounding his paw on the door to go outside, again. I hate getting bossed around like this…)

  4. Hello, Mrs. B.: I have been thoroughly been enjoying your blog for ages now. You are, in fact, a power of blogging example to me (thank you!). But, what really e-bonded me to your blog was discovering you had a Boxer. Love that pillow – a must have for my daughter. I have always wanted to go to the GF. Maybe next year…

  5. Patricia – Rosie really does love me the most – but don’t tell anyone. And, no, I don’t think it’s because I feed her.

  6. No25A – I am irrationally crazy about this dog and swear I will never have another breed. I had the torn out picture of one that was available for rescue on my chalkboard for a week, but Mr. B kept reminding me more is not always more.

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