Per Richard Hamilton’s suggestion, I re-hung the botanicals over the sofa.  I used an old Martha Stewart trick that works like a charm.  Cut templates for the pieces, place them on the wall, nail right through the paper once you determine where it should go.

Works like a charm.  If you use newspaper, as I did, do make sure the bothersome “enhancement” ad is to the wall to avoid awkward questions from any loitering children.
Why, oh why, did I not buy six of these when I had the chance?
p.s.  Joni suggested this a while ago, but I was too lazy to measure it out.  A dinner party this weekend spurred action as they always tend to do.
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27 thoughts on “Also

  1. I just did the same last week – well a very similar idea – which I posted about yesterday, although I didn’t get “the man” to screw through the paper, I just used it to visualise the layout of the picture on the wall. Yours look good, (and even)! You could afford to put something more in the panelling, (the middle one, and the two outer ones).

  2. Yes! I sure did! ha!
    Listen – why not have more made= you could certainly find a framer to dupicate the frame – and find some prints similar to those – they don’t have to match exactly. OR another suggestion I have (you are really going to hate me) is get three or four large plates and put them in between the prints – that would fill out the section really nicely. OR you could find another series of prints – smaller ones – like a set of three and run that row down the middle – thereby pushing out the others. Get shopping girl.

  3. Please show us the before…and just out of curiosity, what is on le menu? I imagine you artfully arranging the plates, with clippings now or is that Mr.Blanding’s area.

  4. Oh, the “coulda, woulda, shoulda”‘s — yes, Mrs. B — six would have been terrific.

    What a great idea (especially when it is multiples and it needs to be perfect).

    I’ve never done that at Linderhof and I have the nail holes to prove it!

  5. Your living room colors are fantastic – I love the yellow, white, camels, browns. Is that navy greek key on the pillows or black? Whichever it is, it really makes a pop. And your stone rabbit is just perfect.

  6. Mrs B, I love, love your living room and the botanials. I have an iron rabbit like yours. Yes, your palette is luscious.

  7. Oh, PS ,several of my botanical prints came out of the book “Botanical Prints from the Hortus Eystettensis” It used to be avaiable from Amazon

  8. Megan – you should have seen Richard with his lazer level and all kinds of stuff – made it look fun. Not quite like me and the newspaper.

  9. Thanks for all the kind words on the living room. I’m sure some folks are thinking Greek key is oh-so-over, but I’ve been a fan long before it was the “it girl” and remain true even now that the trend is tired.

  10. god bless martha, and thanks for passing on her great tip- i’m for sure going to use it! far more practical then my trail and error method…

    and god bless dinner parties for making us finally get around to stuff like that! it’s the only way it ever happens around here too! (and i don’t have the excuse of 3 boys to look after).

    looks great, mrs b. (and i am an eternal greek key fan as well- loved it since childhood, so why would i stop now?)

  11. My favorite thing about seeing things I've liked forever–these last few years, toile, Greek key fretwork, Chinoiserie & mirrored furniture–get taken up by the a la mode crowd is that I know that soon, once 'unique' things will show up as pricey reproductions in the Horchow catalog, then get knocked off cheaply for Ballard's, and next thing you know, Presto! Walmart is selling mirrored dressers & toile curtains, at which point the short-attention-span-crowd/early adopters people who spent a bundle on genuine period pieces at the beginning of the cycle (and who did so not because they always liked whatever it was, but because it was the hot new thing of the moment) will then turn around & unload their suddenly "over" pieces, leaving those of us with less money (and less will-o-the-wisp tastes) to zoom in & grab up their castoffs at pennies on the dollar, knowing that we won't get tired of them nearly as fast as they did. It's a wonderful thing, the circle of life.

    When, a while back, too many Chinese-made ripoffs at Cost Plus caused people who got in on the ground floor of the Lodge Look to jettison their vintage mica-shade lamps & mission oak furniture, I went to a moving sale & scored an 80-year old Navajo rug & a hammered bronze lamp, although not, unfortunately, before the lady of the house had taken some steel wool & metal polish to it to you know, freshen it up. But still. It's just a matter of staying on the bus long enough for it to make a full circle.

    Anyway, your rooms look great today & they'll still look great years from now, dated Greek key & all.

  12. Magnaverde – thanks for taking the time to comment. Now I no longer fear I look passe, merely timeless.

  13. Ah! The walls! They look Beautiful! Were they always a shiny glaze like this? Perhaps it is the beautiful art and angle of the photo that is making them look brand new to me. Gorgeous!

  14. A+ Mrs. B. The room looks fantastic. (There isn’t a well-spaced or hung painting on any wall here at the manse. Of course, there isn’t a single plumb wall either….)

  15. Perchance to Dream – oh, darling, I did not put that there. It’s always there and it’s just your opportunity to remove a comment if you decide to. I have absolutely no issue with your suggestions and am sorry that this has caused you any kind of worry. I do not have your email or I would have responded to you privately. My email is and is visible through my profile if you ever need it again. Please don’t fret! Patricia

  16. incredible, loved the lemony walls – would love to know the trick

    those card pillows would be so fun for game room – I think they’re a great accessory

    love your creativity

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