12 thoughts on “Divine

  1. An amazing room, I had not seen the latest House Beautiful yet, and the Hadley chairs are devine! Oh and also love Nina’s patterned linen below.

  2. The chairs are gorgeous, but those incredible mirrors stand are what take my breath away. Love the blue shades on the lamps in front of them – masterful touch.

  3. Patricia — Bravo on the new arrangement for the art collection. The red just works perfectly with Mr. Blandings’ dad’s prints. And I love PVE’s works in the old frames — it’s all great.

  4. I agree with Katiedid, this is one of the best issues ever! I loved the article, “Getting Cozy with Mr. Hadley”. And the interviewer was the great Jennifer Dwyer of Peak of Chic!

  5. Oh, these remind me of my great-aunt’s photo albums which were all monogrammed in gold and covered in a very similar shade of leather. I love a color you can taste in your mouth.

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